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cannabis grow room supplies

Cannabis grow room supplies

If you are a small scale grower, you may choose to grow in a spare room, closet, or a grow tent at home. Most people who grow on a small scale will use a grow tent, since it's the most convenient.

Grow Room Equipment Checklist

The trays contain no galvanized wire, and hold up to washing.


Warehouse1 also provides a confidentiality agreement to keep your business secrets safe from any competitor. Learn more about our grow room services here.

Cannabis grow room supplies

We are a private owned company from Hamburg, Germany and have been running Growmart since 2012. We stock over 1,500 different products for any indoor cultivation needs and ship them all across Europe. Great customer service is our top priority, so by any means, do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

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The satisfaction of our customers always comes first at Growmart. Visit us on site (Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 4:30 PM, give us a call or write us a message. We will respond to your enquiries promptly. In addition to personal customer service, we also offer comprehensive advice regarding our products so that you can be sure of achieving the best results.

Sanlight EVO & Q-Series Extension Cable 1m angled

We stock a carefully balanced range of products from reputable manufacturers with years of experience as well as from manufacturers who have just launched new, innovative products and have already achieved outstanding results. This is especially the case with new LED grow lights and some hydroponic nutrients. We always offer new products with certified quality fresh in our range.