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cannabis grow room plans

Cannabis grow room plans

If you’re planning to build your grow room with plywood for example, you have to cover the inside with a waterproof material like a plastic sheet (or something similar).

Air-tight (temperature, humidity, and airflow)

Have in mind that when making your own grow room or box you will have to make the holes where the duct tubing goes in and out.

Carbon filter

So let’s say that the label says 15A and 220V; Now you have the information you need so it’s just a matter of applying it to the following formula:

Cannabis grow room plans

In order to attach it to the ceiling you’ll need to use rope and eyebolts. You’ll also need flexible aluminum ducting in order to connect the filter to your extraction fan. If you want the best possible ventilation, try and center the filter as much as possible.

Once you have your extraction system, intake and filtering system installed and you’ve covered the walls in reflective sheeting, it’s time to start installing your lighting kit.

When working in such a large space you’ll need to add humidity to the air somehow, and the best ways to do this is by using a humidifier, or maybe even a few. During your plants’ first few weeks, relative humidity needs to be a bit higher than usual – if it’s not, your plants may not grow to be the best that they can be.

How to Build a Grow Room | Connecting your Aluminum Ducting

You need to block any and all light from getting into your grow room. You’ll also need to get proper reflective sheeting in order to cover the walls, floor and ceiling of your grow room. You can cover the walls to about a meter and a half if you want to save on materials. We recommend using a stapler to attach it to the walls and ceiling, as double-sided tape can easily come unstuck once the room heats up.

You may have other options though, depending on the size and set-up of your grow room. Most rooms used for growing only have one window, although if your room has a different set up, feel free to make your own extraction system, this is just the simplest set up.

Lighting Kitgrow light kits

The most important things to keep in mind are that nothing should be seen from outside the room and your extraction system and filter should be working properly; if not, you may get in trouble.

One of the first steps of any grow step is making sure that everything is properly clean. This is done when growing using both grow tents and growing in a room – you need to clean the room and disinfect it before you can start growing your cannabis. We recommend using a product called Purolyt to clean your grow room.

Cannabis grow room plans

The more extra things you’ve got (i.e. rotating fan, dehumidifier, heating equipment) the less space for your plants as you need them to keep distance from most of these.

Take your first measurements width, height and depth of your space and put it down on paper.

Grow tents are ready-made for growing cannabis. Tents come complete with the perfect environmental equipment. As well as the mylar sheeting necessary to reflect the light to the plants.

Wall Cabinet Or Closet

Some fiddling in the structure while moving it around is okay, we are not carpenters after all (or maybe you are?). It does have to be strong as to stand on it’s own, and to support the weight of lights and fans.

Be sure to place your grow room in an area where no one can get to it without your knowledge. And make sure is not accessible to pets or animals. Especially when plants are young, if something messes with them enough it can bring plenty of growth problems.

An outlet and power strip nearby will is needed for installing the lights, fans, and possibly, a heater or humidifier.

DIY Grow Room

Planning your grow room involves more than a place where you’re going to put your plants. You need to consider several factors

Height is also important, depending on the type of seeds you’re growing. For example, cannabis sativa can grow up to 6′ indoors, and sometimes even more. This is why there are specialized tents, like the Gorilla grow tent, that have a max height of 10′.