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cannabis grow lights for sale

HIDs have been the standard in indoor weed growing for decades, but LEDs are quickly catching up to them.

LEDs also typically run a lot cooler than HIDs, so you may not need extra equipment to cool down your grow space, and one LED can usually be used for both vegetative and flowering growth. Some high-end LEDs allow you to change the spectrum for each growth stage.

Power equals poundage, so if you want big yields you’ll need more wattage. Professional LEDs can start at as little as 200 watts, and go up from there. A high-watt light can double the work of several low-watt bulbs.

Types of marijuana grow lights

The typical homegrower will only need one or two lights. Most states limit grow amounts to 6 or 12 plants, and one or two lights should be plenty for that. If you plan on running two separate rooms, one for vegetative plants and one for flowering plants, you’ll need two lights.

Grow lights allow you to control exactly how much light your plants receive, ensuring they get the same amount of light day after day, without the grower having to solve problems with bad weather or cloudy days that happen in an outdoor environment.

Best CFL grow light brands

However, because of their low price, if you’re new to indoor growing and not sure how often you’ll do it, you may want to invest in an inexpensive HID light at first to test the water.

When growing outdoors you can harness the power of the sun, but in an indoor environment, sunlight is mimicked through the use of grow light bulbs, which aim to display the same spectrum of light as the sun.

Cannabis grow lights for sale

No matter the size of your operation, Spider Farmer has everything you need to grow healthy, abundant cannabis crops, including grow tents perfectly sized for the lighting rigs. Not sure where to get started? Spider Farmer has you covered with complete kits. Each one comes with a tent, a grow light, carbon filter, fan, a timer, hangers, a thermo-hygrometer, and grow bags. That’s everything you need—minus seeds and soil—starting at less than $350.

Spider Farmer’s full-spectrum LED lights aren’t just more efficient—they’re crucial for making sure your crops have all the light they need throughout the grow cycle. Warm white light makes blooms fuller and more vivid. Blue light promotes germination and growth. Red light works with blue light for higher yield. Infrared light might look dim to human eyes, but the full-spectrum of light speeds up phytochrome conversion and leads to bigger harvests.

Cut energy costs for your existing grow or start a new operation without too big of a hit to your energy bill, with Spider Farmer’s high-output, low-power lights. The SF lighting series achieves just 2.9 umol per joule—that’s photon output to power output—making it one of the most efficient lights on the market. The SF 4000 light covers 16 square feet but uses just 450 watts total.

Even the nicest grow lights sometimes don’t play well together, and it’s super common to have to adjust every single light individually. It’s a tedious task, and it’s completely unnecessary. Spider Farmer is one of the few companies with the option to daisy-chain multiple lights together into one control module, allowing you to adjust growing conditions both quickly and accurately.

Supremely sturdy

Don’t start penciling out your lighting budget until you get to know Spider Farmer, the cannabis industry’s secret weapon for thriving crops, high margins, and low costs. It’s possible you can get your next upgrade for less money than your current system.

The company works with top, trusted brands to deliver the most reliable products, including Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers. And with global warehouses located in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Europe, Australia, Russia and Asia, fast, local, duty-free shipping is a definite plus.

Cannabis grow light manufacturer Spider Farmer is a top-quality, game-changing lighting manufacturer. Their lighting rigs are scalable, energy-efficient, and are less than half the price of most of the biggest brands.

Flawless full-spectrum

While the five-by-five SF 4000 is Spider Farmer’s most popular light, there’s no need to go that big right away. SF lights start at less than $160: The SF 1000 boasts the same efficiency and light spectrum in a smaller package, with more than four square feet of coverage. The SF 2000 has all the same features in eight square feet. If you’re dreaming big, keep an eye out for the brand-new SF 7000 light, coming soon.

No matter where the company is based, most grow lights you buy are going to be manufactured in China. Spider Farmer is a Chinese company that retails directly to worldwide consumers, cutting out the distributor in the middle—though they also do wholesale and their products can be found for sale at your local grow shop.