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cannabis grow led vs hps

Cannabis grow led vs hps

Advantages of LEDs over HPS

At the time, I decided I was done with LEDs for a while and I upgraded to an HPS grow light instead. I haven’t tried growing cannabis with LED grow lights ever since.

This can be frustrating when you’re using an LED grow light and your plants aren’t doing well even though you’re following all the directions. Sometimes it’s just the light! If you want to try LED lights, make sure to check up on the reputation of the company first!

Cannabis grow led vs hps

This stage includes juveniles that have at least 3 nodes. The vegetative stage is an integral part of the cannabis plants’ lifecycle since it lays the overall foundation.

This is the stage every grower waits for. Although all previous stages contribute to the overall flowering stage, it’s essential to make the best environment possible for a bountiful harvest.

HPS is also a HID style grow light. These lights also range from 250-1,000-watts. HPS lights are known for their red and orange wavelength that is meant to increase the overall size of buds and speed up the transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage.

Seedling Stage: HPS vs LED

It’s inevitable: once you begin growing Cannabis, you’ll eventually wade into the controversial debate of which grow light is best.

Each light has a pro and con for these different stages.

Well then, depending on the available height in your grow room, you may be better off with a flat lighting system such as LEDs

CFL Lighting System (Vegetative Stage)

Although other vital aspects come into play when it comes to grow room temperature, lighting choice can make or break your operation.

The higher the wattage, the higher the hood can be placed, therefore increasing the available light footprint. Of course, with each inch raised, the lumens emitted will have a diminishing effect