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Grow Journals and Discussions about the New Year’s Grow Challenge 2020!

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Grow Journals and Discussions about the Plant Training Grow Challenge 2020!

The New Year’s Grow Challenge 2020

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The current coalition government’s more ambitious cannabis decriminalization project had been rejected numerous times in the past, mostly due to international pressure, according to the local media.

The new measures on domestic production and consumption, according to the minister, are the first steps on the way to state-regulated production and distribution, the revenues of which would be used for addiction prevention, education and health care.

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Fewer stories like this

Fewer stories like this

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Consumption will only be legal within the household, although fines for the possession of maximum three grams in public will be reduced considerably from the current fine of up to €2,500 to as little as €25.

Fewer stories like this

Luxembourg will become the first country in Europe to allow home-grown cannabis.

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“A first in Europe! The Ministers of Justice and Internal Security announced on Friday morning that each Luxembourg household will be able to have four cannabis plants,” the paper adds.

The decision by the small but financially powerful European country to legalize the production and consumption of the drug is a milestone on the continent where even the Netherlands — which paradoxically allows cannabis sales and consumption in authorized ‘coffee houses’ but bars its possession and sale.