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cannabis grow box for sale

Cannabis grow box for sale

In 2020, they’re all but a distant memory. GrowLife still exists as a company, but their focus is no longer on the Phototron. What is pretty amazing though, is that you can still find growers using the Phototron for their home grows. Will we see them again one day? Only time will tell!


By 1992, the Phototron 3 had launched, staying true to the original design, a six-sided enclosure with tube lighting and windows on each side. It wouldn’t be long, however, until the company suspended sales and marketing of the Phototron. The market had cooled down and it was becoming harder and harder to sell any cannabis related products.

Countertop Grow Systems

Seedo Farm Rendering

Cannabis grow box for sale

What We Didn’t Like:

If you’ve spent months waiting for your cannabis harvest to finish maturing in your grow box, savoring its unique smell…

What We Didn’t Like:

Looking for the best marijuana grow box where you can grow weeds discreetly? It comes with a built-in LED spectrum lighting g (for veg to flower spectrums; 420nm to 460nm veg & 630nm to 660nm flower), so that your weeds can grow on their own without the need for natural sunlight. No worries about air filtration since it is equipped with a carbon fabric intake and exhaust system, which helps protect your grass against pests and provides a faster air exchange rate.

10. CoolGrows 2x2x4 Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

What We Liked:

The best grow box on the market will help make it easy for you to produce weed indoors. It will stay hidden and you can even reduce the heat, noise, and smells that come from growing marijuana. It can even help save you money!

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Most Discreet


The unit is equipped with a smart system that absorbs any unwanted odor inside the tent, making itself more discreet for regular gardeners. The tent is said to be sturdy since it is made from heavy-duty materials such as highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar, 600D lightproof oxford cloth, massive, heavy-duty zippers, and comes with double stitching for leaks protection.

On top of that, this tent comes with a “full spectrum” design, allowing gardeners to grow plants at any point from the germination period. Partnered with a durable grow tent and exterior shell, this weed grow box is genuinely magnificent.