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cannabis grow bible pdf

2 _________________________________________________________________________________________ THE Cannabis Grow Bible© Copyright 2001, Greg Green All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. 3 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Cannabis Grow Bible4th edition By Greg Green 4 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Acknowledgements My thanks to my family and friends for making this book possible. This book is dedicated to growers all over the world. I would also like to say thank you to the members of and a really big thank you going out to

, The Penguin, Kryptonite, Strawdog, Slowhand, Chimera, BushyOlderGrower, Ralpheme, RealHigh and Vic High. This is a book about growing cannabis, written by people who grow cannabis. 5 _________________________________________________________________________________________ DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO GROW POT LIKE THIS? 6 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Picture by BushyOlderGrower. 7 _________________________________________________________________________________________ OR MAKE HASH LIKE THIS? 8 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Picture by BigIslandBud. 9 _________________________________________________________________________________________ THEN CONGRATULATIONS BECAUSE YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE RIGHT BOOK! PREFACE This book has been written under adverse conditions. In most countries it is illegal to own seeds, grow cannabis or use cannabis. Maybe it will change for you one day if you make the effort to have your voice heard. Until that day, it is recommended that you consult your local authorities to see what is your countries legal status with regards to growing cannabis. This book does not want you to break the law nor is it here for that purpose. This book is about cannabis and how it is grown around the world. Even though the contents of this book may show you how to acquire seeds and grow very potent plants, you are responsible for your own actions. We would like to see you grow cannabis however we would not like to see you break the law. I would also like to say that many countries have permitted medical users to grow cannabis in their home. If they have in your country then this book will be of massive 10 _________________________________________________________________________________________ benefit to you and your health. The Cannabis Grow Bible is part of a foundation series and is a developing project. We listen too and talk with 100’s of growers every single year. It is with their advice that we can offer you the latest updates on growing techniques and strains. The Cannabis Grow Bible is an information system. We hope that you stick with us and learn more about how to grow BIGGER BUD! 11 _________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS PREFACE FOREWORD Chapter 1 : THE CANNABIS PLANT: A BRIEF HISTORY OF CANNABIS AND THE BASICS OF USING CANNABIS. -HOW CANNABIS IS USED -SPECIES -THC -ZERO ZERO -RESIN -THE HIGH Chapter 2 : SEEDS – SEEDS – HOW TO GET SEEDS 12 _________________________________________________________________________________________ – CHOOSING A SEED-BANK – WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN CHOOSING SEEDS – GROWING FACTORS – THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE MARIJUANA PLANT – FLOWERING NON-POLLINATED FEMALES (SINSEMILLA CROP): – CYCLE TIMES Chapter 3 : PROPAGATION -WAYS TO GERMINATE YOUR SEEDS -DANGERS WHEN PROPAGATING SEEDS -TRANSPLANTING -GERMINATION SOIL -INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GROWING -GENERAL INDOOR GROWING -GENERAL OUTDOOR GROWING AND GUERRILLA FARMING -GARDENING TOOLS -MALE POTENCY -SCUFFING SEEDS Chapter 4 : SECURITY -SECURITY -INDOOR SECURITY -OUTDOOR SECURITY 13 _________________________________________________________________________________________ -GUERRILLA GROWING SECURITY Chapter 5 : THE INDOOR GROWING OF CANNABIS -LIGHTS -LIGHT BANDS -POOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS -AVERAGE LIGHTING SYSTEMS -BEST LIGHTING SYSTEMS -HORTICULTURAL LIGHTS – HID -WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING A LIGHT. -WATTAGE AND LUMENS -LUMENS AND MARIJUANA GROWING -LIGHTING FACTORS AND HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR LIGHT -SOIL -pH -NUTRIENTS -SOME COMMON SOIL TYPES -POTS -CONTINUING YOUR INDOOR SOIL GROW -INDOOR VEGETATIVE GROWTH -WATERING -ADJUSTING YOU LIGHTS 14 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 6 : THE BASICS OF INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL -SOIL CONTROL -ph CONTROL -SOIL FLUSHING -NUTRIENT CONTROL -FEEDING -AIR -HUMIDITY -TEMPERATURE -FANS Chapter 7 : PRE-FLOWERING AND FLOWERING -THE END OF VEGETATIVE GROWTH -PRE-FLOWERING -EARLY SEXING METHODS -WHEN TO FLOWER -THE ALL IMPORTANT 12/12 -PROBLEMS WITH 12/12 -HOW TO SEX YOUR PLANTS -HERMAPHRODITES 15 _________________________________________________________________________________________ -FLOWERING Chapter 8 : ADVANCED INDOOR SOIL BASED GROW METHODS -SOG -ScrOG -CABINET GROWING -ADVANCED SET-UPS -PERPETUAL GROW CYCLE Chapter 9 : BASIC HYDROPONICS – THE GROWER AND THE GROWING MEDIUM – HYDROPONICS SET-UPS -HYDROPONICS NUTRIENTS -HYDROPONICS GROWING MEDIUMS -CANNABIS AND HYDROPONICS -THE BUBBLER 16 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 10 : OUTDOOR GROWING -THE GROWER AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS -CARING FOR OUTDOOR PLANTS Chapter 11 : THE BASICS OF PLANT CARE -THINNING -LIGHT BENDING -PRUNING -BUSHES -TRAINING -INCREASING YIELD Chapter 12 : PREDATORS AND PESTS -INDEX OF PESTS -CLEANING THE GROW ROOM 17 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 13 : PROBLEM SOLVER – PLANT PROBLEMS AND HOW TO SOLVE THEM – POT-BOUND AND ROOT-BOUND -LOCKOUT -BAD GENETICS Chapter 14: HARVESTING AND CURING YOUR BUD – INDICA HARVEST -SATIVA HARVEST -FAN LEAVES, LEAVES AND TRIM -CURING Chapter 15: BREEDING – MAKING SEEDS -POLLEN -SIMPLE BREEDING -HOW TO CONTINUE A STRAIN THROUGH SEED -HOW TO MAKE A SIMPLE HYBRID 18 _________________________________________________________________________________________ -AN INTRODUCTION INTO BASIC GENETICS -GENE PAIRS -DOMINANT AND RECESSIVE -MODIFYING GENES -PARTIAL DOMINANCE -HARDY-WEINBERG EQUILIBRIUM -THE TEST CROSS -HARDY-WEINBERG EQUILIBRIUM PART 2 -HOW TO TRUE BREED A STRAIN -CUBING AND BACKCROSSING -SELFING Chapter 16: STRAIN INDEX Chapter 17: HOW TO MAKE HASH – HOW TO GATHER THE STALKED CAPITATE TRICHOMES -SKUFF -BASICS OF SCREENING -PROPER SCREENING METHODS -HOW TO PRESS SKUFF INTO HASH 19 _________________________________________________________________________________________ GLOSSARY OF TERMS INDEX 20 _________________________________________________________________________________________ FOREWORD The book is a grow bible. There is still much work that needs to be done to provide something that is truly of bible size, but that will come in time. The reason why I know this is because cannabis suppression has suspended cannabis information gathering over the past 60 years. I can safely say that you can find books on Roses that are 10 times thicker than this book with heaps more information. Roses are not illegal in most countries, so scientists are free to explore the Rose. Sadly the same can not be said for cannabis. until now. The Cannabis Grow Bible (CGB for short) is new. New, in that the book is one of a kind. Those who are willing to take serious risks in getting you this information have discovered most of what you will read and learn here. It is fine and easy for me to compile the book and write it. I am not at risk by printing this book, but those who grew out hundreds of plants in their basement to provide me with raw data on this subject matter are at risk. It is with their help that they have been able to help me parse what is real and what is not in the world 21 _________________________________________________________________________________________ of growing cannabis. They have helped take facts and figures and use these to put together a book that would truly help someone grow bigger buds. The result has been outstanding and I am very thankful for what they did. In this book you will learn a number of things. Probably too many to remember all in one go if this is your first time growing. That is why I have broken the book into easy step by step portions. The book runs from start to finish just like a growing plant would. So you can imagine the life cycle of the cannabis plant being the foundation for the style and layout of this book. This is what makes the book work. It is part essay / part science. Too many books do not cover the science very well and others do not cover the practical side very well. Here you will meet both worlds as one. There are some simple things you need to grow a cannabis plant and this book will explain all those things to you, but there are other things you need to know to grow a super cannabis plant and this is where the book helps too, but it does not cross the two elements over which can sometimes confuse the reader. 22 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The book will clearly define what you can or can not do, but most of the time this has nothing to do with your growing experience. It has more to do with how much money you are willing to spend, what cannabis strains you have, and where you are growing. A grower is not limited by their growing experience. A grower is limited by law, space, money, information and good genetics. We can not help you with money, space and the law, but we can help you with growing information and we can tell you where to obtain good genetics. Don’t ever let bad results hamper your new hobby. That is part of the process of learning. However, this book will point out some mistakes that people have made, so you don’t have to repeat them and learn the hard way. Glance over this book and flick through the chapters. Get an air of what is going on. Then read it all from start to finish. By the time you turn the last page, you will probably have a bit of your own home grown bud in a pipe. If you can do that then tell people about this book. It is our goal to get everyone participating in growing the great herb. 23 _________________________________________________________________________________________ This is not the final book on the subject either. This book has been designed in such a way that the book will grow on a yearly basis. We will be adding new chapters, new pictures, new methods and new theories every year. That is why the Cannabis Grow Bible has become the growers handbook of choice. We hope that you stick with us and we hope that this book will help you to get where you want to go. Happy growing and most of all remember to. . HAVE FUN! Greg Green. 24 _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Cannabis Grow BibleBy Greg Green “Since it’s inception marijuana is natural. Given by God for all living creatures to use. Let peace and sanity prevail, let the herb grow free. There is no finer hobby on this planet, than tending to a garden that gives such delightful rewards.” – Greg Green. 25 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 THE CANNABIS PLANT: A BRIEF HISTORY OF CANNABIS AND THE BASICS OF USING CANNABIS. This picture is of a young female Skunk#1 plant developing her flower cluster. This picture is from Strawdog. Cannabis plants have been living on this planet for thousands, maybe millions of years, and have been doing so for quite some time before man’s intervention and after. Cannabis can grow nearly everywhere and anywhere as long 26 _________________________________________________________________________________________ as the temperature is not too low and there is enough sunlight and food present for the plant to flourish. In Asia, one can travel to the various regions around Mongolia and visit the cannabis plant naturally growing on the hillsides and across the vast plains, sometimes covering entire hill faces and spreading down onto the valley below. The Cannabis plant is a very adaptable plant and can grow both in and outdoors. The Cannabis plant has managed to travel across the globe without the help of man. The seed has been carried by the wind, in bird droppings and has attached itself to animals that can, and do, trek over long distances. As you can see Mother Nature has distributed this plant in many ways. The origins of the Cannabis plant are not entirely clear but today it is generally recognized by most biologists and cannabis researchers that it began it’s life somewhere in the Himalayas (Figure 1.1). 27 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Figure 1.1 – This is section of the map of Asia. The area in the square is where scientists believe cannabis started its Life. Today, human intervention has caused the Cannabis plant to grow under more controlled conditions and in areas where the plant would not have had a previous history. It is estimated that in most countries there must be at least 2 – 12 different cannabis strains growing wildly. Wild Cannabis plants are rare in countries that have tried to eliminate the plant by 28 _________________________________________________________________________________________ burning fields and conditioning woodlands. In certain countries the Cannabis plant has been identified as a dangerous drug and has been killed off by human beings and law enforcement officials. It is treated as a weed and as a plant that causes social, mental and physical problems. None of these reasons for removing the plant are well founded but the cull of cannabis has occurred anyhow. The Cannabis plant was used for many things other than the extraction of THC (to be discussed later). Our ancestors, up until the late 1800’s early 1900’s, used the Cannabis plant to create clothing and other materials. The Cannabis plant or ‘hemp’ as it is called in the textile industry is a very strong material and will withstand large amounts of stress applied to it. Hemp material is widely regarded as one of the best possible materials for producing fabrics. A pair of trousers made from hemp, or a shirt made from hemp will withstand the test of time. It is a far more superior material than cotton. This should give you some clues as to why the fabrics industry wanted to put a stop to the cultivation of marijuana in the late 1800’s. Hemp fabric products will last longer than cotton fabric products thus the 29 ____________________.

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This is not the final book on the subject either. This book hasbeen designed in such a way that the book will grow on a yearly basis.We will be adding new chapters, new pictures, new methods and newtheories every year. That is why the cannabis grow bible has becomethe growers handbook of choice.

Picture by BushyOlderGrower.


cannabisX and Vic High.

My thanks to my family and friendsfor making this book possible. This