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cannabis closet grow guide

Cannabis closet grow guide

Secret Jardin

If you want your weed growing endeavors to be a covert operation, a closet is the perfect local. By choosing a closet that is removed from the living areas of your home and has a door (not a curtain), incorporating proper ventilation, and making sure the space stays off-limits, a closet is a logical and easy way to keep your cannabis growing venture on the down-low.

You can also use soil, of course. If you’re going to opt for soil, using an organic option, such as super soil, is your best bet, as you won’t have to worry about your plants being contaminated with chemicals and other pollutants, and they’ll receive the nutrients that are needed to support optimal growth.

Choose a Closet

Or maybe you aren’t successful. But hey, that’s all part of learning and we all have to start somewhere. If you are active in your local community, it wouldn’t hurt asking people’s opinions and advice at the local stores where you get supplies or even at dispensaries as a lot of people who are “active in the local scene” also may have experience you lack.

Cool Grows

2. Stealth operations.

Okay, so how do you go about transforming a closet into your weed growing haven? It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tent Models

Regardless of where you do your indoor growing, you can make use of the same grow medium options. If you are growing in soil containers, pay attention to how much water and nutrients you use for your cannabis plant. Overwatering and overfeeding are some of the most common growing mistakes that even experienced gardeners make. Too much water may cause the plant’s roots to decay, so treat your cannabis plant as you would treat a gentler flower.

#1 Cleaning the closet

Your plants may release more odor as they enter the flowering stage. At this point, you can further test odor neutralizers around your home, such as burning a candle in your living room or somewhere in the hallway. Although your closet may be tucked away in a more private part of your home, the odor may easily leak in the air.

Converting Your Closet Into a Grow Room

If you are a starter and have no experience in growing weed whatsoever, you may want to stick with growing just one or a maximum of two plants. Having fewer plants means you are better able to observe the growing cycles of each plant and learn more from the process, plus it’s easier to discard your closet when you are done growing.

LEDs will also help you deliver more high-quality yields than other lighting solutions.

Mission Possible: Growing Weed in Your Closet

There are several options for grow lights, although it’s best to get LED lights. The more plants you put in your closet, the more lights you’ll need to install in the upper part of the closet. LED lights are inexpensive and fairly easy to install; they are appropriate for growing weed from seedling to yielding. LEDs are a preferred source of light as they don’t emit too much heat. If you use other types of light you’ll have to be extra cautious not to overheat your cannabis plant.

Nutrients will enrich the soil, potentially helping your plant to grow bigger buds, but you also want to be reasonable with the dosages. You can purchase nutrients from a local garden shop or a dispensary or you can prepare a modest dose of organic tea compost by yourself.

Interestingly, if you touch and move your plants a lot, the movement itself may actually reduce stretch. Even more reason to regularly – and enthusiastically – handle your plants!

Also, if you wish to grow using organic nutrients, it’s harder (although not impossible) to use them in most hydro systems.

You need to control the airflow in and out of your closet, and filter out the smells that will come out with the air. For some, this may be the trickiest part of setting up their closet cannabis grow.

Plant Height

“Indica”-dominant photoperiod-dependent strains are generally more controllable than “sativa”-dominant strains, although this is a generalization; if you switch an indica-dominant plant to flower after just a week or so of vegetative growth, you can limit its stretch in early flower and keep it small.

As well as a route out for your air, you need a route in.

If you’re growing closet weed, space is a problem in all directions. Often, you may have less than six feet of vertical space (including the space to hang your light), so you have to maintain maximum plant height carefully to avoid too much stretching.

Choice of Medium & Nutrient Delivery

Also, if you need more pointers on how to grow cannabis indoors hydroponically compared to growing in soil, take a look at this recent article.

You can also add one or two small circular fans (even a clip-on desk fan or similar would help, if space is really tight) to move the air around inside your closet as much as possible.