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can you grow weed with normal led lights

Can you grow weed with normal led lights

Indoor plant growers who are tempted to go the easy way and plant cheap will be forced to keep on replacing their regular LED bulbs because their lifespan can’t match that of specialized LED grow lights.

Not only do they produce a short-handed spectrum that ends up in the eventual increase of leaf surface temperature but also emits more heat in the growing area, which is not ideal for plant growth.

Two very important light colors that are placed in LED lamps are blue and red. Red is the key component that plants need to photosynthesize and inhibit stem elongation. Furthermore, it alerts the plant to the absence of plants above it so that it can have unlimited development.

Generally, plants vary in terms of the amount of light they require to thrive. Houseplants such as dracaenas will do well in relatively low-light situations. On the other hand, fruiting edibles like tomatoes need much brighter light to grow appropriately.

They are Just Inefficient

At the end of the day, a meager two-thirds, if not less, of the spectrum emitted by household LEDs is used by the plant. This only ends up in an extended growing period that produces smaller and low-quality yields.

Many people tend to get it twisted between regular LED lights and LED grow lights as far as they role they play in the growth of indoor plants is concerned. When it comes to growing indoor vegetation, the regular LED lights we use in our homes for illumination may not be the most suitable choice, simply because they are plant-optimized.

You need to understand that not all of these light sources contain the full spectrum of colors, some lights can only some of the colors. In comparison, sunlight contains the full spectrum of colors and this is what plants use in different metabolic reactions to sustain their growth.

They can end Hurting Crops Instead

Normal LED lights only emit a limited spectrum of light, which is not sufficient for normal plant growth. That is why we, instead, turn to specialized grow lights for the full spectrum.

Meanwhile, if you want a plant to be compact, increase the blue/UV colored chips. You can say that these responses have been encoded in the DNA of plants and this is what manufacturers base on when designing LED lamps.

Can you grow weed with normal led lights

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Reefer madly,

Heavens, it’s a big week for pot questions. Why just the other day I answered a query about whether it’s safe to use plastic soil beads in potted plants, and now this. Thanks for keeping the theme alive.

Can marijuana be grown as effectively under LED lighting and proper climate control rather than energy-sucking heat lamps?

With recent reports emphasizing the energy-sucking nature of the weed industry, a reader from Michigan wonders if LEDs could save the day.

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Ann Arbor, Mich.

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But before we get to the solution, a look at the problem. Typically, growing operations use glaringly bright high-pressure sodium, or HPS, lights (metal halide and fluorescents are sometimes involved, too). How bright are we talking? Try 1,000 watts and 500 times brighter than your average reading lights. HPS lights are useful because they produce the wavelengths plants need to grow, but they do so quite inefficiently, and lots of the energy they tap ends up lost as heat. That means growers need to crank up the AC to keep their greenhouses the proper climate, further adding to their energy bills — and on top of that, many ops also use dehumidifiers and/or ventilation systems, and burn fossil fuels to boost the building’s carbon dioxide levels (a shot of CO2 makes plants, including pot, grow like — well, weeds). All told, producing the average joint creates roughly three pounds of carbon emissions, according to a 2011 study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — equivalent to driving a hybrid car 22 miles.

Can you grow weed with normal led lights

The LED grow light niche is a better alternative where you will get different brands providing different light for various purposes.

These are the normal lights that we have in our residences. They are quite affordable but the least efficient.

A regular LED light with a blue spectrum would be perfect for the vegetation phase of your plants. It will create a purple effect by providing a strong blue spectrum to your plants.

Incandescent bulbs use more energy to provide the same output and produce a lot of heat. Due to this, we wouldn’t recommend you to use these lights for growing plants.

Growing Marijuana with Normal LED Lights

Fluorescent lights remain cool, meaning that you can place them near your plants. Besides, they use less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs – this will save you power bill.

Best Selling Led Grow Lights On The Market:

Red spectrum

Incandescent Lights

Many people already have fluorescent bulbs at home. With that said, you should pay close attention to the hue temperature of the light to make sure they give you the right performance.

Let’s understand the regular LED lights as grow lights.