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can you grow weed with halogen lights

Can you grow weed with halogen lights

Due to the lack of power and the potential for a less-than-ideal spectrum, many general LED lights are not as effective for plants as specialized ones.

Halogen lights also provide full spectrum light and are quite powerful, but they are similar to incandescent bulbs in that they emit a lot of heat and are not as energy efficient as fluorescent lights, HID lights or LED lights.

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light?

For vegging and for plants that do not bloom, use bulbs labeled as ‘daylight’ or ‘cool white’. The color temperature on these bulbs will be between 6000 K and 7000 K.

On the other hand, if they provide sufficient output and a good color spectrum (like white light), they will work just as well as a specialized grow light, since they are basically the same thing.

Can Plants Grow Under Halogen Lights?

Incandescent bulbs are usually the first option people consider, because they are cheap and we all already have some lying around the house.

Can you grow weed with halogen lights

So what is the proper "k" rate for veg and what is the unit "k"?

Light is generated by moving a charged particle (e.g. electron, proton.) The bigger the change in energy states, the more energetic the photon, and thus the higher frequency/lower wavelength. A basic way to generate light is to heat something up. The particles are all moving differently, but they have an average energy which is the temperature. This is how an incandescent/halogen light works. The problem with the method is that you have a wide distribution of energies and thus a wide distribution of wavelengths. Thus, you end up producing wasteful photons in the infrared spectrum.

Halogen lights run in the 2700k – 3200k range of the spectrum. Fine for flowering, not ideal for veg. However the problem is halogens kick out an enormous amount of heat for the wattage used thus rendering them wholly inadequate for growing cannabis.

Stick to HPS and CFL's. And maybe LED if you're brave lol.

I read the basic guide on the here but im just curious as to why specifically is halogen and if incandescent cant be used. Does it deal with the light spectrum?

They use way too much energy, produce too little usable spectrum, and they generate more heat than is necessary. They're terrible choices for a grow room.

HPS/LEDs/CFLs work differently. Electricity is used to move the electrons among specific energy states. The design is chosen to produce wavelengths that are useful to us. The spectrum is very narrow and thus no wasteful infrared photons are produced.