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can you grow weed outside in the uk

Can you grow weed outside in the uk

Frisian Dew Auto – This is Dutch Passion’s autoflowering version of their very best outdoor plant. Ideal for the UK climate.

Purple Maroc from Female Seeds – A sativa that produces lots of resin and finishes very early, does well in the UK.

Plants are normally started outside in in April – although recent arctic conditions would suggest this isn’t sensible. May perhaps! You could also start plants inside, as they don’t need big lights to start with – a simple florescent light can be used to start them.

Consider also that plants grown in pots will generally not grow as big as ones grown in the ground, so if you have to use pots consider using Smart Pots or similar. I have just tested these and found them to be amazing, indoors and outdoors. They are what’s used in many big US grows though you’ll find them cheaper than on amazon.

The water that you use to water your plants is hugely important, particularly if you are growing in pots. In the earth this tends to be less of an issue. Some people PH their water, some don’t. I did for a while and then noticed the plants seemed to love the rainwater which was around 8 as well – the same as tap.

I saved a copy here of the super soil recipe from legendary outdoor grower Tom Hill if you want to really go for it.

Other strains proven to grow well in cold climates like the UK are:

Magnum Autoflowering is a kick arse autoflowering variety. The highest yielding auto I have personally grown. Given plenty of room this plant really delivers. Reports of 250g+ if grown in the ground. The smoke is really nice – an upbeat, euphoric high that lasts as well as any photoperiod variety. Highly recommended.

There is a new class of Autos known as ‘Super Autos’. ‘Chaze‘ is particularly good as an outdoor plant in the UK that yields significantly more than your normal auto though takes a bit longer then 70 days. Magnums are also amazing for yield and high. Autoflowering plants can also be topped but some handle it better than others. You can keep an autoflower successfully under 24 hour light – many people have – so if the weather is crap you could bring an auto inside at night for more light if you have a decent light.

Can you grow weed outside in the uk

What’s the best soil to grow cannabis in UK? If your local soil type is too poor (e.g. too sandy) then simply supplement it with supermarket soil and some grow additives – fish/blood/bone meal, rotted manure, worm castings, seaweed etc.

What’s the legal status of growing cannabis in the UK?

Some growers, with an eye to the future, will consider a light top soil dressing of worm castings, compost, compost tea or seaweed just to ensure that future nutritional needs are met. Others will add some slow release organic nutrients such as BioTabs to the soil to ensure healthy future growth. You may also wish to get some less hardy companion plants such as Chamomile going to help deter pests later in the year.

What does your cannabis grow calendar look like?

But the UK weather is so changeable that you may be able to finish blooming a particular strain one year but not the next. UK cannabis growers simply can’t rely on the weather in the way that growers in warmer countries can. That’s also the same reason why cannabis seed companies just can’t guarantee results from their strains.