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can you grow different strains of weed together

Can you grow different strains of weed together

Homozygosity ensures that a plant will consistently produce the same seeds with the same genetic makeup over and over again.

Just as you and your sibling might have different physical attributes from your parents, each seed created from a round of cross-pollination will have different attributes from its parent strains. Maybe you have your father’s eyes and your mother’s hair, but your sister has your mother’s eyes and hair. Each cannabis seed is unique and will express different traits, and different combinations of traits, from one or both of the parent strains. These seeds with various expressions are called phenotypes.

When growing and breeding, it’s important to know where your seeds come from and what kind of genetics they have. If the seed breeder can’t give you a detailed history of how a packet of seeds was bred or what they were crossed with, you never really know what you’re getting.


While browsing Leafly’s strain database, you may wonder what a cross of this and that strain is, what a hybrid or a backcross is, or what a parent strain is. All of these have to do with plant breeding—essentially, breeding a male and female plant to combine or refine the genetics of two plants or strains. Breeding two different strains often results in a new strain, or hybrid.

Most likely, there were early phenotypes of Super Lemon Haze that grew tall and loose like Lemon Skunk, or tasted more like Super Silver Haze. But the breeder discarded those phenotypes and keep growing the ones that have the attributes of what we now know is Super Lemon Haze.

“Often in cannabis, the traits of the female carry over to progeny (seeds) more than the male. That said, the traits of the male are often obvious to the discerning grower so one should definitely choose a male that will complement the traits of the female,” says Nat Pennington, founder and CEO of Humboldt Seed Company who’s been breeding cannabis for 20 years. “So much is possible with truly intentional breeding strategies.”

How to Breed Cannabis Plants

After two parent strains are selected for breeding, a male and several females are put into a breeding chamber to contain the pollen. A breeding chamber can be as simple as an enclosed environment with plastic sheeting on the sides, or a specially designed sterile environment for large-scale breeding.

Backcrossing is a practice where a breeder will cross-pollinate the new strain with itself or a parent—essentially, inbreeding the strain. This makes the strain more homozygous, and strengthens its genetics and desirable characteristics, and also ensures that those genes continue to pass down from generation to generation.

the only thing is maintaining flower times. some strains have longer flowering times others dont. if your growing like this your going to have to work out your schedule.

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but anyhoo sorry for dribbling shit. yes you can grow more than 1 strain in a tent

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yes most people dont do it cos when working with a combined space they like to keep a schedule.

Can you grow different strains of weed together

Consequently, crossbreeding marijuana plants is a long, unpredictable, and sometimes utterly frustrating experience. Many breeders begin with a clone-only strain and try to develop a seed-based strain with the traits of one of its parent plants. If you go down this route, expect a different result with every seed. Breeders sometimes sprout well over 100 seeds from a single variety to find the true representation of what they sought.

Remember, every marijuana plant is a bit different. When you grow a seed, the seedlings will have a combination of traits from both parents. Eventually, you could end up with weird, unique, and fantastic new strains. Quality genetics is always the first step, so here are the traits to consider when selecting strains for breeding:

Crossbreeding – Desirable Traits

While it isn’t difficult to begin crossbreeding, creating a fantastic new strain is exceptionally challenging. In reality, it will take hundreds of seeds and several years to find your ideal hybrid. However, if you get lucky, maybe you will strike it rich!


Remember, most marijuana grows ‘back in the day’ were clandestine affairs. Now, numerous states allow home cultivation. As a result, intrepid growers are busily trying to create the next great strain. Believe it or not, many of today’s most popular strains were conceived in someone’s relatively small grow room. Growers produced these strains via ‘crossbreeding,’ which involves combining the genetics of two or more marijuana strains.