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can weeds grow through plastic

Can weeds grow through plastic

Killing weeds with plastic will have different results depending on the color of the material. Clear plastic raises the temperature of the soil. This can kill weed seeds and roots as well as soil pathogens and fungi. It also allows light through the plastic, which can allow heat-tolerant or hardy weeds to survive. Clear plastic is most effective during the hottest summer months.

Black Plastic

Black plastic does not raise soil temperature as high as clear plastic and will not kill pathogens or fungi. But it can be more effective at killing weeds. Black plastic blocks the sunlight so that plants cannot produce sugars through photosynthesis but using black plastic takes longer than clear plastic to kill weeds.

Resistant Weeds

Neither clear nor black plastic will eliminate every weed. Sturdy weeds can puncture the plastic and grow through either color. Heat- and drought-resistant perennial weeds or those with deep roots may be able to enter a dormant state and begin growing again once the plastic is removed.

Can weeds grow through plastic

So you want to start a new garden space but it is so covered in weeds you don’t know where to begin. If you want to be a good steward of the earth chemicals aren’t an option, so what can you do? You’ve heard of using plastic sheeting for weeds, but can you kill weeds with plastic? It makes sense that you could prevent garden weeds with plastic, but can you kill existing weeds with a plastic tarp? Keep reading as we investigate how to kill weeds with plastic sheeting.

Can you Kill Weeds with Plastic?

You may have heard of or even have in your landscape, plastic sheeting laid under bark mulch or gravel; one way to prevent garden weeds with plastic, but can you kill existing weeds with plastic sheeting?

How does Plastic Sheeting for Weeds Work?

Yes, you can kill weeds with plastic. The technique is called sheet mulching or soil solarization and is a terrific organic (yes, the plastic is environmentally unfriendly but it can be saved for reuse over and over) and no fuss way to rid a potential garden space of weeds.