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can i use miracle grow potting mix for weed

Can i use miracle grow potting mix for weed

Also, I don't have access to any other soils.

Here is a side by side grow comparison of Miracle vs General Hydro from seed to harvest. . You could do it, no one will stop you but many do advise not to. This is by no means a controlled experiment but it's a good reference.

Would you advise using local soil/super-soil blend at a lesser concentration over any miracle-gro?

I have access to some pretty rich local soils, bone/blood meal, eggshells, cow manure, and chicken skat.

That's slightly off topic from the original question though. With the Miracle Grow plant food, you actually have some control over how often the plant gets fed. With the time-release stuff that is in their soil, some of the nutes are released every time you water, but you don't really know how much, and there is no way to adjust if something goes wrong.

A half-half solution with native soil?

What do you guys think of me using Miracle-Gro potting mix to plant in?

If you have access to Miracle gro, you should have access to other soils that aren't filled with time release nutes.

Can i use miracle grow potting mix for weed

Scotts Miracle-Gro, the maker of home, lawn, and garden-care goods that traces its roots back to the 19th century, blamed disappointing quarterly earnings on the volatility of the cannabis market, on which it is increasingly dependent.

Since 2016, annual sales growth at subsidiary Hawthorne Gardening—which owns dozens of brands selling lights, filtration systems, premium soil, containers, air filters, and more specialized supplies for hydroponic operations—has outpaced the group’s general lawn and garden business. For the fourth quarter, the parent company reported overall sales of $298 million, up 35% from the same quarter a year before. The Hawthorne unit was up a whopping 84% over that period, largely thanks to its acquisition of Sunlight Supply, yet another name in hydroponics that represented a near-literal doubling down in the weed business for Scotts Miracle-Gro.

“There are a lot of Scotts people wearing Hawthorne shirts these days,” said CEO Jim Hagedorn, on a call with investors this week. That’s why, said Hagedorn, the company’s bottom line was hit hard by a slowdown in the California cannabis business, where sales were lower than expected following the state’s rocky first year of legal adult use.