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can cannabis grow in cold weather

Can cannabis grow in cold weather

Modern autoflowering plants are ruderalis hybrids that have been bred for yields, bud quality, and potency, yet some strains still carry resistance to cold

But you can capture that power indoors, too. If you’re growing in a basement or garage, it’s common for the floor to be cold. When that’s the case, put your plants on a tray or some other barrier to prevent roots from sitting directly on the chilly floor.

Plants are droopy and sad when their roots get chilly. Keep the plant container off the ground when growing in a cellar or other space that has a cold floor.

LED grow lights are amazing for their ability to produce a lot of light without much heat and as a bonus make plants more heat-resistant. A perfect combo for growers who are struggling with a hot grow room.

A plant growing outdoors is often more resistant to cold than indoor plants. Part of that resistance comes from the fact that their roots don’t experience big temperature fluctuations. Cannabis plants don’t like “cold feet”.

Keep roots warm and up off the cold floor

But did you know there’s a type of cannabis that will make buds even if you leave your grow lights on for 24 hours a day?

Cannabis plants thrive in the winter as long as you protect them from the cold

This cannabis plant is happy to be inside out of the cold weather

Can cannabis grow in cold weather

-Harvest staggered in time: It’s an interesting option, because if there were any unforeseen frost, we would not lose the entire crop, and we will have for longer time marijuana ready to harvest, we will be also able to crop in less space than if we were growing all the seeds at the same time. You should use to do it well an indoor germination and maintenance seedlings under indoor contidions.

Why? Because plants that are directly grown directly in the soil are more difficult to give them heat, if the soil is not hot. However, the pot will avoid this problem.

Protect from cold to our marijuana plant

The best varieties for cold climates

-If we start from seeds: It is recommended to germinate them inside your home in any winter month. The germination is carried out with natural water, between 18-22ºC.

The Mediterranean is the most favourable climate for growing cannabis outdoor, especially in its flowering phase, although it carries an artificial irrigation calendar. But in cold climates it’s also possible to grow marijuana and, without going any further, here is the example of Dutch marijuana, where breeders have been grown during three decades the most powerful Indica marijuana genetics and hybrid phenotypes fundamentally.

Before we get fully into the advice on how to grow cannabis in cold climates, it is important to know that the seeds we grow during this period will not result in large plants, and as a result the production will be smaller, although we know it will be worthwhile.

Tips to combat the cold weather

We at PEV Grow would like to encourage anyone who wishes, but does not dare, to try out winter crops, because it is possible, especially if we take certain aspects into account:

-Be careful with the humidity! Although the truth is that during the winter, plagues are less common, humidity can always cause pest problems. We must bear that in mind. We must always use preventive fungicides, especially during the rainy season.