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cactus soil for growing weed

People seem to like the Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.
(try to find a soil with no time released fert in it.)

Anyway, so are you suggesting i just invest in a soil test kit? i guess i might have to, but id prefer some knowledge from somone on hear before going out and burning 5 bucks for knowing something someone might already know. Also is it bad that it has a wetting agent?

Is this like a bet you have to try and grow in this soil or is it just what you have lying around?

I like Pro-Mix from Home Depot. Pre-mixed and ready to use.


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My problem with the cactus mix is the lack of lime and what the sand does to the watering system. If you are careful though and your water is the proper PH and you know how to water properly you could use it. I think that soil is going to hold very little water though on account of the sand and you will have to water more often which may lead to problems if you aren’t careful.

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Hello, posted a thread earlier but was told ‘Riu likes the honest approach." I said i was using Uranium enriched soil, only to be ripped on by my lamenes. So Heres my question straight up.

Is this like a bet you have to try and grow in this soil or is it just what you have lying around?

Cactus soil for growing weed

Cannabis plants spring up like a literal weed. But growing weed optimally — in a way that allows it to express its best traits and produce trichome-rich flowers — demands care, attention to detail and a bit of trial-and-error. At the same time, there’s no better way to develop a closer, more connected and more rewarding relationship with cannabis than growing some yourself. To get you started, here’s our list of the five best soils for healthy weed.

Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil

At a price point that won’t put a hole in your pocket, Black Gold boasts all of the essential traits of a strong soil for growing weed. Its loamy mixture contains an optimal blend of pumice and perlite for hydration and microorganism development, and its balanced nutrient blend won’t burn young cannabis plants. Those features have won this soil praise from gardeners of all stripes, cannabis growers included.

Aurora Innovations Roots Organics Formula 707

Your soil’s nutrients and the water you provide need to link up to be available for and absorbed by plants’ roots. Biochar, a carbon-rich charcoal amendment, not only facilitates this process but it also provides a large surface area for microorganisms to live and thrive. Red’s Premium Biochar-based soil thus creates an ideal “habitat” for all the living beings that help your cannabis plants reach their full potential.