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bubba skywalker seeds

Bubba skywalker seeds

Growing Bubba Skywalker Marijuana is Moderate

Patients like Bubba Skywalker strain for its heavy body effect, relieving their pain and worries. The buzz of this high is maintained within the body and can produce or lead to a very strong couch lock . Bubba Skywalker strain is best smoked in the evening hours and is probably not an ideal daytime smoke. Growing Bubba Skywalker Marijuana Has Medical Benefits .


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Once the full weight of Bubba OG kicks in, good luck getting up from the couch or doing any physical. Going outside or moving around is simply out of the question. Bubba OG induces a hard-hitting couchlock that can last for hours and prevent you from being active. That being said, the “lazy” factor of this indica stays in the body and leaves the mind alone.

Said to be one of the strongest indicas, Bubba OG marijuana seeds pack a serious punch that leaves you relaxed, happy, and anxiety-free. Watch your body sink into the couch under a cloud of heavy smoke.

If you like your coffee strong and your marijuana potent, then you need Bubba OG marijuana seeds in your life ASAP. This indica is said to be one of the most powerful marijuana strains. A little goes a long with this stuff, but instead of feeling the effects right away, Bubba OG acts as more of a creeper strain that takes a few minutes to show its true colors. Keep that in mind while smoking so you don’t over-do it!

You’ll still be able to think straight and focus with Bubba OG in the picture. There’s nothing foggy or disorientating about this wonderful indica. Bubba OG marijuana seeds pack a serious punch that aids a handful of medical conditions from anxiety to insomnia to depression. Bubba OG can also put you in a good mood as you sink under a cloud of smoke.