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bruce banner weed seeds

Bruce banner weed seeds

Bruce Banner is a strain considered to be among the most potent sativa dominant hybrids available. Dark Horse Genetics developed Bruce Banner, aka Incredible Hulk by blending genetics from OG Kush and Strawberry Sour Diesel. A winner of the Denver Cannabis Cup, Bruce Banner has a THC content of 29% with a CBD of 1.0%. At 60% sativa, Bruce Banner hits hard and fast much like comic book character The Hulk.

Generously frosted buds that are dense and gummy will leave your fingers feeling glued together. The leaves are a robust crimson color and, the bright red pistils pop out against the forest and lime green colored buds. Large milky trichomes make for incredible hash making.

Bruce Banner Appearance

Bruce Banner is a serious contender for the one-hitter quitter category. The fast-acting heady high will blast you up into the stratosphere and leave you energized for 2-3 hours. The effects are uplifting but can also be disorienting in the initial rush. Bruce Banner has positive pain management effects and is also suitable for helping with PTSD. Dry eyes and mouth, as well as some feelings of dehydration, are sometimes associated with this strain.

Bruce Banner Strain delivers generously frosted buds that are dense and gummy will leave your fingers feeling glued together. Large milky trichomes make for incredible hash making. The smoke tastes wonderfully earthy, fruity and will leave you craving another toke before you’ve even finished.

Bruce Banner Seeds

Powerful Sour Diesel flavors with a wild berry and citrus background make up the prominent scent. The smoke tastes wonderfully earthy, fruity and will leave you craving another toke before you’ve even finished.

If you harvest your Bruce Banner flowers on the shorter side of that timeframe, then you’ll lock down the hybrid’s heavier indica side. Waiting longer to harvest brings out Bruce’s headier sativa side — a great quality if you’re looking for a more uplifting high.

Regular Bruce Banner seeds have their upsides too. With regular seeds, you have potentially more stable growth, meaning fewer chances for hermaphrodites and more phenotypes.

The Bruce Banner strain is well-known for its resilience to pests when grown indoors, and its aversion to powdery mildew when grown outside.

Strain Description and Properties

Anytime THC levels get as high as they do in Bruce Banner nugs, you can rest assured that anything beyond one hit is for advanced tokers only.

When grown indoors, Bruce Banner plants produce flowers of such spectacular, exotic beauty that you’ll feel like a High Times Cannabis Cup winner at every harvest.


From there, an intellectual high that mixes euphoria with creativity, inspiration, and the desire to be productive kicks in. Depending on how you handle your weed, Bruce Banner could be your all-day smoke — it’s seriously great stuff for socializing with friends, mingling with new people, and even having some introspective time to write, draw, or chase creative ideas.

If you’re looking to really hone in your growing skills, select special phenotypes, and perhaps even breed your own strain, then regular Bruce Banner seeds are for you.

Eager to try the Bruce Banner strain yourself? well then of course you want to give them the best possible care to maximize your results. For all 4 different stages of your plant’s development, the NPK Fertilizer kit offers a corresponding, carefully composed mix that meets the correct nutritional requirements. Unleash Bruce Banner seeds’ ultimate potential by offering your plants the very best and grow your biggest buds yet!

While we know Bruce Banner is a household name among cannabis enthusiasts, we would very much like to tell you a little more about how our version of the famous hybrid arose.

In terms of taste, Bruce Banner offers something truly unique. While some of the phenotypes ooze an undeniable original Diesel aroma with hints of freshly brewed coffee beans, others remind of fruity berry with pine-like undertones. Combined they offer a complex symphony of flavors that is hard to resist!

And so it happened: Crossing the OG Kush selection mother with the Hash plant x Strawberrydiesel turned out to be a bull’s eye when tested them! The cannabinoid profile had the exact phenotypes with the desired cannabinoids.

Getting the most out of your Bruce Banner seeds

Especially those suffering from lack of appetite, nausea, and depression may benefit from adding the Bruce Banner strain to their backyard organic pharmacy.

The Sativa properties bring a powerful tingling head buzz that emerges rapidly. After a while the Indica elements induce a creative euphoria, balancing out the punch of the initial stone. All in all, Bruce Banner provides a relaxing body high accompanied by a powerful sedative effect that makes it very suitable for medicinal use.

Bruce Banner weed has a flowering time of about 8 to 10 weeks and is a truly magnificent sight to behold. The leaves show hues of purple and the big, luscious green buds with bright red pistols, which are covered in a glistening thick layer of trichomes once harvest time approaches.

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The properties of her ancestors are beautifully reflected in both the early flowering of the OG kush as well as the mold resistance, compact bud structure, and complex flavor of the Hash plant x Strawberry diesel. This perfect intermixture also resulted in an impressive yield and a plethora of medicinal benefits.

Get ready to get absolutely smashed! This Sativa dominant hybrid has a high THC percentage and packs quite the punch. So prepare yourself for a radical, mind-altering transformation.