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bright floral light seeds

Bright floral light seeds

Watering: Water regularly.

Before Planting: Cosmos grow best in soil that has not been amended, so do not amend the soil prior to planting.

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Harvesting: Instead of deadheading, Cosmos can be cut to be displayed indoors and this has the same effect as deadheading would in encouraging more growth on the plant. Harvest when petals on the first flower are just opening, but not yet flattened.

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Cosmos can appear in single or double blooms and are easy to care for. The flowers can reach up to 4 feet high but other varieties only reach 1 foot high.

Bright floral light seeds

Bright Lights cosmos seeds are popularly sown outdoors directly after the frost. But for earliest spring blooms, begin seeds indoors 6 – 8 weeks prior and harden off to a sunny place in the garden or decorative planter. Bright Lights cosmos is just as popular indoors as out. Germination will take 14 – 21 days in full lighting. Lightly press 4 – 6 Bright Lights cosmos seeds 24″ apart into average, medium dry, and well-drained soil in full sun. Bright Lights cosmos is a hardy full sun performer known to be low-maintenance and tolerant to heat and drought. Do not overwater because cosmos will suffer in overly saturated and poorly drained gardens. Plants may reseed for next season, but may do so too aggressively to the point where it becomes invasive. Bright Lights cosmos has no serious insects, pests, or diseases. Bright Lights cosmos seeds mature in 56 – 63 days as 36” tall mounded shrubs with a 12 – 24” spread of 2 – 3” daisy-like blooms.

56 – 63 days. Bright Lights cosmos seeds grow a playful, robust, and familiar annual sown among sunflowers and wildflowers. Bright Lights seeds grow hardy, drought tolerant cosmos shrubs as high as 36” tall with sunburst golden 2 – 3” daisy-like blooms. Bright Lights seeds are an ideal mound to highlight the back of the garden, fence, siding, or any wide open space. Bright Lights seeds promise long-lasting blooms that are a floral shop favorite used to brightly excite any seasonal fresh cut arrangement, basket, or bouquet.

Cosmos sulphureus, or more commonly known as just Cosmos, is native to the arid and warm climates of Mexico, but has since been naturalized throughout most of the world’s similar climates. Although not as aggressive as other varieties of cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus grows so effortlessly in the United States that it is still considered an invasive species in many counties along the lower half of the states.

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