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blueberry ak seeds

Blueberry ak seeds

The Blueberry AK bud is covered in sugary goodness. Burnt orange hairs with a tinge of yellow really make Blueberry AK bud appealing for its overall nuclear green appearance. The Blueberry AK really shines through. With a little extra musk contributed by the AK 47 . The taste has a Thick kush smoke that has the sweetness of fruit with powerful effects. Growing Blueberry AK Marijuana Has Medical Benefits .



Growing Blueberry AK Marijuana is Moderate

Blueberry AK s a feminised cannabis seed that was created over 40 years ago back in the 1970s by cultivator DJ Short. It has been a long time but this variety has not only been able to survive over time, but has always been at the top of the rankings of Cannabis Cups at an international level. Not only that, but it is one of the favourite cannabis varieties of growers around the world. Our Blueberry AK is an indica dominant that will last over time – forever.

It is the most easily distinguishable cannabis plant, its blueish purple colour leaves no room for doubt when it is subjected to temperatures lower than 10°C at the end of the flowering period. It has a small and compact structure, a large quantity of dark leaves cover the branches, meaning that it absorbs a lot of light and therefore offers high yields, which can reach 1500 g per plant outdoors, provided there is some prior experience. Outdoors it will offer surprising results. It performs well in cold climates and those with average humidity. It has an innate ability to adapt to any growth medium, surprising both the indoor and outdoor grower, the novice and the expert; no one is left indifferent. It does not require large doses of fertiliser, it is happy with a little, although it appreciates a rich and aerated substrate.

Its fruity aroma multiplies once inhaled.