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black magic soil for growing weed

Black magic soil for growing weed


Believe it or not, the best overall medium – in my opinion – is coco coir!

Every Grow Medium Must Help Roots Get What They Need: Water, Oxygen and the right Nutrients

Coco coir is how I started growing, and I recommend it to anyone Here’s me during my first grow with my coco-grown plants:

Common Cannabis-Friendly Coco Coir Mixes in the US:

When growing cannabis in containers, for example with soil or coco, it’s important to give your plant roots enough room to grow. If they run out of space, it will limit the size of your plant, and often causes nutrient deficiencies and other problems like persistent droopiness. If your roots have circled around the edges of the container, it is rootbound and should be transplanted to a bigger container immediately!

Although there are many different possible soilless ingredients, the most popular potting mixes for cannabis contain significant amounts of coco coir and perlite. This combination seems to work especially well for growing cannabis. As a result of coco’s growing popularity, other types of soilless mixes (especially the peat-based ones) have become far less common in cannabis grow rooms over the years.

DWC is one of the few types of hydroponics that can support larger plants. Other types of hydroponics (for example NFT or Aeroponics) have a difficult time growing plants as big and nutrient-hungry as cannabis.

Common Cannabis-Friendly “Living” Soil Mixes in the US:

Example of Great Cannabis Soil

Soil or compost is one of the most popular growing mediums for marijuana plants because it is natural, easy to use, and available everywhere.

Black magic soil for growing weed

Black Magic has a product line containing over 8 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from.

Designed so that when their powers combine, they create an impressive blend of essential nutrients that helps ensure plants thrive at..

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Black Magic Product Line and Feeding Schedule

The Black Magic is a company that provides the solution for hydroponic cultivation. The best growers from USA collected knowledge to design this product based on the best raw materials. The main goal is helping growers to maximize yields. The products range includes nutrients, supplements and growing mediums that push the plant for the full potential. All products can be customized and used together in all systems. They give everything your plants need during all stages of growth. Are you using Black Magic for growing marijuana? Record it on your Grow Diary!

Designed so that when their powers combine, they create an impressive blend of essential nutrients that helps ensure plants thrive at..

Black Magic pH Down is designed to help lower the pH of your nutrient solution. Keeping your nutrient solution pH in check helps make..

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Black magic soil for growing weed

Adding perlite increases the overall drainage ability in a potting mix, helping prevent overwatering.

Add 30-50% perlite if you plan to use a lot of added nutrients or supplements and are looking to get the fastest growth from your plants.

Example of obsidian, which is formed out of lava

How Much Perlite to Add?

A 50/50 Potting Mix of Coco & Perlite – Perlite provides more oxygen to the roots, resulting in faster growth. It also prevents nutrient buildup. This perfectly complements the ability of coco coir to hold onto a ton of water. Learn how to mix up your own coco/perlite mix!