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biggest marijuana grow

While recreational marijuana use and possession is legal in California, under the state’s law, residents are only allowed to grow up to six plants.

Press Availability on scene at largest illegal marijuana grow in Bay Area history. Contact PIO Sgt. Ray Kelly— Alameda County Sheriff (@ACSOSheriffs) September 30, 2021

In another video posted to Facebook, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office officials can be seen using a motorized trimmer to cut down the marijuana plants.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has arrested at least seven individuals in connection with the illegal grow operation, according to Kelly, who noted that more arrests could be made in the coming days.

While speaking with Newsweek on Thursday, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Ray Kelly explained that the seizure of the plants and cash on Wednesday came after an 18-month long investigation.

“We’ve seized 12,000 pounds of processed, harvested marijuana product ready to go to sale,” Kelly said, adding that dozens of Rolex watches and other jewelry items were also seized during the operation.

“We had to get innovative and use gas powered trimmers or we would be here for a week,” the post said.

Kelly told Newsweek that Californians also have to be approved to grow marijuana plants by the state and local government.

Look closely and you may think every plant looks the same – their height, the density of leaves and flowers. It’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. To ensure they produce the right qualities for the medicines they help make, these plants are grown in a way that ensures they are all virtually identical.

The UK is the world’s largest producer of legal cannabis. It’s big business — but is it the miracle crop it is claimed to be?

Tovey is keen to point out the difference between these plants and other relatives within the same plant family with different properties and uses.

The wellness market

After a few weeks in natural light, it’s time for the exciting part. “The whole of the glasshouse ceiling has blinds that can be pulled across to create near-total darkness,” says Tovey.