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big cannabis grow rooms

Big cannabis grow rooms

A commercial medical-cannabis cultivation facility in Moncton, Canada. Credit: Organigram Inc.

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Nature 572, S10-S11 (2019)

Cannabis companies are quickly adopting techniques and technologies that were pioneered by commercial agriculture and horticulturalists. Organigram, a cannabis producer in Moncton, Canada, stringently controls its growing operations, says Jeff Purcell, vice-president of operations. “The growing environment is standardized, and we have full control over the air, light, temperature and fertilizer,” he says. “It’s all highly automated and computer controlled.”

All electrical materials supplied by Starrco are UL listed and meet NEC requirements.

These components include:

Typical options for our commercial grow room setups include:

Starrco will work with your HVAC engineer and architects to integrate ventilation infrastructure into the walls and ceilings to accommodate the air-handling equipment needed to remove heat, control humidity, and prevent contamination from pests and mold.

Can I have power where I need it in a Starrco Grow Room?

Starrco’s commercial grow room setups are built and installed 75 percent faster than conventional construction methods.

Whether it is for your HVAC, office equipment, security cameras, or other appliances, we can place electrical outlets wherever you need them.

It usually takes a crew of two installers around half a day to install an average 12-foot square room. Whatever the complexity and size of your building, we have consistently seen Starrco buildings completed in 25 percent of the time it would take to build a similar structure using conventional methods.

Partner Opportunities

Starrco grow rooms have many similarities to the cleanrooms we have been building for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries for decades.

While most of our buildings are shipped within the continental USA, we have manufactured grow room complexes for cannabis operations as far away as Hawaii, and we have supplied offices and industrial buildings to Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, and other parts of the world.