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best weed feed and seed

Best weed feed and seed

It uses SmartWater technology that’ll help your grass absorb and hold onto as much of the available water as possible. Naturally, in a drought or hot summer cycle, this will considerably improve your chances of holding a lush green grass.

At this point, it isn’t a bad time to introduce grass seed if you have patches of bare lawn. Any multipurpose filler grass will do the trick nicely. Your weeds will start to wilt and die off. This probably took 3 minutes to read but will take two months to execute so be patient and the result will come.

These months are easy. It’s a simple case of cutting the lawn, adding lawn feed, and watering to keep things healthy.

If you prefer to mix into water: Vitax 1L Green Up Liquid Lawn Feed and Weed


Now is the time to step into the plan above. Get the lawn cut, scarified, and aerated so you can add your lawn weed and feed.

Getting your lawn in tip top condition that matches some of the sports pitches you see is down to hard work and careful planning. Anyone can achieve a stunning lush green lawn following a guide and sticking to it even a lawn knackered like mine was:

They suggest you can use it into November but that’s cutting it fine in my eyes. The optimal time to go with this is October. You could go September but I feel like it’s a bit early. You won’t be able to feed the lawn till March/April, so leaving it as late as possible will give your lawn as much opportunity for a feed as frequently as possible. Again, that’ll all add up to a healthier lawn.

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Now your lawn is lush green follow this care calendar

Once you’ve got the lawn in top nick, it’s way easier to keep it that way. Once your lawn is thick and full, it’ll stop moss and weeds growing as they’ll be competing in a far more cramped environment and will be strangled so to speak. Keeping things in tip top condition with this handy calendar schedule will ensure the very best chance.

This is a busy time. Autumn is the time to go for a different weed and feed designed to help the lawn through the winter months. I’ll go into this Autumn weed and feed in way more detail in this section but using an autumn weed and feed here will harden your grass. As a final step aerate before packing the tools up on the lawn until February again.

Best weed feed and seed

Whether you're struggling to control moss, weeds or both, there's lawn treatment that can help, but they don't all do an excellent job. Some will work wonders for your grass, but not make a dent in the weeds and moss, while others do a better job at controlling your weeds than improving your grass.

Best lawn weed killers

If your lawn is relatively trouble-free then a standard lawn feed is your best solution. But if your lawn is plagued with moss and weeds then you're going to need a feed that can treat these problems.

Best lawn feeds

Healthy grass is your best defence against the build up of moss and weeds. Choose a Best Buy lawn feed to make sure your grass is fighting fit and ready to take on the mossy scourge. If you're lucky enough to only get the odd weed then dig them out or spray them with a Best Buy weed killer. If your garden is large then using a liquid lawn feed could be a real chore. Granular is usually easier to spread over larger areas, but liquid feed could be ideal for smaller plots. Typically, you'll need to reapply it every six to eight weeks to see results.

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Best weed feed and seed

Different species of grass respond better to different fertilizer formulations. If you don’t know what kind of grass you have growing in your yard, then take a sample along to your nursery when you go for the soil test. An experienced gardener will be able to tell you what kind of grass it is with a simple look at your sample.

In most cases, you need a first feeding in the early spring, followed by another in mid to late May as the summer approaches. Then, continue feeding every six to eight weeks until the end of October. Let the ground rest over the winter, and repeat the cycle the following spring.

We like the fire ant and tick insecticide included in the formula. With the Lone Star tick being abundant in southern states, this formula keeps your family safe from bites and Lyme disease.

Tips for Feeding Your Lawn

You get a product that works on all southern grass types, without burning the lawn. It’s dry application makes it easy to work with, and you get long-lasting protection for up to 6-months, reducing your seasonal feeding and weeding duties.

The technology that goes into producing a bag of weed and feed far exceeds its price tag. However, always be sure that you buy a premium brand, as the quality of materials may vary from supplier to supplier for the manufacturer.

We start our review with the best product in its class. TheGreenview Fairway Formula Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer is the top choice in this review. We think of this as a professional grade-product, with long-lasting effects from the slow-releasing formula. In warmer climates, you can get away with two annual feedings in the early spring and fall, with no intra-seasonal feeding necessary.

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Can I use weed and feed on trees and shrubs?

An 18-pound bag of weed and feed can cost anywhere from $20 to $60, depending on the brand and its reputation. If you’re looking for the cheapest weed and feed available, then take a look at the GreenView Weed and Feed, at under $20 a bag, it’s a bargain for your garden.

A weed and feed formula typically contains herbicides that destroy weeds growing in your lawn.