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best way to store marijuana seeds

Best way to store marijuana seeds

You may be able to find an airtight container made of light-proof glass. This would be an all-in-one solution. These containers may, however, be expensive to purchase.

For short-term storage, your main choices are a cupboard or your fridge. A cold, dark cupboard is actually ideal. Basically, it it’s good for root vegetables, it’s probably going to be good for marijuana seeds.

Every cannabis grower starts as a beginner but once you have your own stock of plants, storing your own seeds is a logical next step. Like many aspects of cannabis growth, it can take a bit of practice to get it right, but there are some established guidelines which can help. Basically if you use the right method to store marijuana seeds, there will be a much better chance that they will sprout when you sow them.

Keep your marijuana seeds dry

Before you can store your marijuana seeds, you need to find a good container. You want this container to be made out of a single material. This is because different materials expand and contract at different temperatures. This makes it very difficult for them to stay completely airtight.

Seeds can survive for extended periods without oxygen. They do, however, need oxygen to germinate. You don’t want your marijuana seeds to germinate right now. Therefore, you need to stop oxygen from getting to them.

Short term

Glass is your best bet. Mason jars are a great choice for keeping the air out. You would, however, have to add an inner container to block the light. Film cannisters were the traditional choice. You can actually still buy these. You can also still buy film to get the cannisters. Alternatively, you could buy something like a light-proof container for medicine.

Again, you want to convince your marijuana seeds that it is winter. That means keeping them cool. Excess cold shouldn’t really be an issue. Some people even keep marijuana seeds in the freezer. Excess heat, however, may start the process of germination.

Best way to store marijuana seeds


Fundamentals of Marijuana Seed Storage

Light exposure over time can also damage the surface of the seed, which in turn will damage what’s stored underneath. The solution, much like storing cannabis flower and other products, is to keep your seeds in a dark or opaque container. Without exposure to light, they’ll keep dozing long term.

Storage Methods for Cannabis Seeds

It’s very important that this temperature remains stable for the long term. If you are refrigerating your seeds, your best bet is to place them in a separate unit or a spot near the back. Every time that you open your fridge the temperature fluctuates, which can harm the seeds over time. While it’s up for debate whether freezing seeds is an effective method for long term storage, we don’t recommend it unless you know exactly how to cure and prepare your seeds. Otherwise, the frozen water in the seed’s cells can expand, destroying the cell wall and killing the seed.