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best way to grow weed in an apartment

Best way to grow weed in an apartment

Al cautioned me not to be fooled into buying "top of the line" products—there are LED lights that cost $1,500—when the basics will often suffice.



8. Watering. Al believes in an "active method," so he suggests watering the plants every day.

But fuck, that's a long time, even for that much weed.

Here is a basic Martha Stewart-style guide to get you started:

Best way to grow weed in an apartment

Choosing the right flowerpot is incredibly important; there’s a difference between autoflowering pots and pots for normal plants, for example.

Autoflowering flowerpots

The first two weeks of July is when you should germinate and plant your third and last round of autoflowering plants, around 4 weeks before harvesting the second round. If you started the second stage in May, the fourth stage becomes the second and last round of autoflowering plants.

Growing Weed in an Apartment | Feeding and Prevention

For normal light-dependant cannabis plants, you’ll need to chose your flowerpot size based on your available space and when you plan on planting them. If you have enough space to grow large plants from the start of the season, we recommend transplanting more than once, with the last transplant towards mid/end of July. If you don’t have much space, we recommend growing from June onwards and transplanting to 18L at most towards the start of July.