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best time to start growing weed outside

Best time to start growing weed outside

The growing season of the cannabis plant (in the Netherlands) starts about mid-May. It’s important that there’s no chance of night frost anymore. You can sow earlier, but a couple of times of night frost will do your little seedlings no good.

After that date, you can put the plants outside in a pot or directly into the ground. The more space the plants have for their roots, the bigger they can grow. The weed plants will now start growing nicely. They use the long days and short nights to grow bigger.
Keep looking to your plants as they will show when something is wrong. Healthy green leaves is what you want to see all the way through the end of the season!

Should You Grow Cannabis Outdoors Or Inside?

Tip: Cannabis is a plant you can train with different techniques. Learn here more about Topping, Fimming, Scrog (Screen Of Green) or SoG (Sea Of green) for an even bigger yield.

The plants are sensitive to light. They grow and flower and that process goes in sync with a certain amount of hours of sunlight. You need good timing, if you want a sizable harvest.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors: The Schedule

After Midsummer the days start to shorten. The cannabis plants will now start to flower. Buds will form, but it’s far from harvest time. The buds will keep developing, until it’s time to harvest in October and November. Note that bad weather around September and October can cause budrot, as it might get too wet and with too less sun and wind it’s the ultimate condition for budrots and you don’t want this as you’ve given love the whole summer! Make sure the plants will stay dry to for example a translucent roof.

Best time to start growing weed outside

Let’s see how you can best prepare for the oncoming grow season. If you know what to do and when to do it for perfect timing, you can spend all spring and summer dreaming of that glorious harvest time as you watch your grass grow. Here’s our month-by-month guide to the ultimate outdoor grow season!

The Outdoor Grow Season, Step By Step

Choco Kush Autoflower in full bloom.

Outdoor Sativas & Sativa Dominant Strains

Pick an autoflower with a very short flowering and grow phases and you should be able to harvest in late June or July. That gives you enough time to get another grow going before it gets too cold – even if you don’t have much space. Do keep in mind, though, that the speed at which the automated beauties develop limits your options to guide them or correct your mistakes. Try to pick a robust, rugged strain with high resistance to pests and fungi. Milkshake Kush Auto and the hugely popular White Choco Autoflower strain are our prime suggestions for your automated outdoor grows. Autoflowers are usually vulnerable to overfeeding, so go easy on the nutrients and keep them close for daily inspection.

Best time to start growing weed outside

This region is tricky because the weather is highly variable; rainy and muggy, and/or hot and dry. Winter may come early to this region, so choosing an indica-dominant hybrid strain might be your best bet, since their flowering times are shorter. Try to shoot for germination after the final frost of spring has passed in these regions.

Hybrids that flower earlier are suggested as the most successful grows, especially in Washington and Oregon. California plants can be put in the ground earlier due to the region’s warmer weather. Your best clue indicating that it’s time to start your outside grow is when daylight hours increase and the temperature starts to warm.

I t’s amazing how quickly the world can change, isn’t it? In the past 25 years, cannabis has moved from an illicit substance relegated to the shadowy corners of the illicit market to an “essential” industry amid COVID-19. In many states, local cannabis laws allow you to grow your own, and why not? When you grow your own, you can do your own quality control, know the purity of your product, and manage your own supply.

Midwest (IL, MI, Eastern CO)

In fact, because of all that moisture in the air, it’s best to avoid indica strains and grow sativas instead to avoid the mold that inevitably comes along with humidity. In this region, you could start the germination process as early as February. Just make sure that the last frost has passed before moving plants outside.

When you grow outdoors in this loamy region you’ll never have to worry about getting enough rain. However, mold development and lack of sunshine can make growing outside a more difficult proposition.

Northeast (NY, MA, ME, VT)

With its rich soils and abundance of water, the northeast region can be a great place to grow cannabis outdoors, especially if you choose an early harvest strain that can finish up before fall kicks in. The best time to move your plants outside in this region is the middle of April, when days are longer.

Regardless of which climate you’re starting in, when Spring Equinox comes around, start germinating your seeds. Make sure those plants get outside by Summer Solstice in June, then harvested around Fall Equinox.