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best size pot for growing weed

Best size pot for growing weed




Common pots used for cannabis growing

A relatively new innovation in container gardening, roots in fabric pots grow to the outer edges and attempt to bypass the porous fabric wall. Instead, they are cut back, allowing new growth to occur. This process, called “air pruning,” results in a denser root composition which promotes healthy growth and development.

Standard plastic containers are a popular option for growers operating on a budget. These pots are inexpensive, but still provide the essentials for your plants.

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Fabric containers

Best size pot for growing weed

Growing cannabis plants in pots requires growing media. Straight potting soil is the simplest, most widely available choice. If you have access to compost, this is an excellent way to grow organically by adding it to soil for a nutrient-rich growing medium.

First, let’s talk about what a pot is meant to protect—the roots.

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Here are some of the best pots we recommend for growing marijuana. These different types of containers will work in your budget!

Growing Media

Can you flower in 1 gallon pots? You can, but it’s not a good idea. The smaller the pot, the faster growth cycle you should have. Note that when flowering in 1 gallon pots, the Screen of Green method is recommended. With big pots, you can veg as slow as you want.

One thing to remember is to start small with seedlings. They need large amounts of pampering to begin the best way. During the early stages of growth, sow your seeds in a seed starter kit designed for baby plants.

This type of mixture promotes rapid root development, which is always good for a cannabis plant’s overall health. Avoid soils that contain clay or other dense matter. They will clog root development and retain too much water, neither of which is good for cannabis.

Room To Grow

If your plants grow in soil (or in a soil-like growing medium like peat moss with perlite), your set up is well suited for Smart Pots.

If it’s not impossible, install a drainage system so that your plants never sit in stagnant water. If you can’t setup a drain, empty the runoff water from the saucers after each watering. You don’t want excess moisture in your garden from water runoff!