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best place to grow weed in california

Best place to grow weed in california

While the Central Valley might seem like the ultimate location because of its superior soil and abundant sun, the issue of water/irrigation is a potential business killer.

The traditional center of illegal marijuana cultivation in California has been the area known as the Emerald Triangle.

Cannabis cultivators who had little experience in leases and commercial agriculture were often targeted by shady operators. Many made deals they soon regretted on properties no savvy farmer or orchardist would have given a second look. Compounding the problem, many businesses hired so-called “master growers” with little more experience than growing cannabis in a garage or basement to manage a sprawling commercial farm.

The Right Hire

When evaluating land in Northern California, DeLuca says the main things to look for depend on what the property will be used for.

In short, just about everything in California is big, from its physical size, to its economy, to its geographical diversity.

Selecting a site

It’s the nation’s No. 1 producer of many agricultural products, including celery, almonds, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, grapes and peaches, among others. California’s Central Valley, which stretches 450 miles from Bakersfield to Redding, is the largest single patch of Class I soil in the world.

While the price of properties that meet the county’s cultivation ordinance have grown exponentially, Tripodi says there are still deals to be found.

San Diego

Stay at Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch, the state’s first full-fledged cannabis resort. (It’s also a working livestock ranch.) The ranch, situated on a 65-acre Gold Rush-era property in Trinity Center, features country breakfasts, fine linens, velvet couches and a daily 4:20 p.m. cannabis bar. It also hosts cannabis wellness and education events.

Best for: Luxury seekers

San Francisco Bay Area

When to go: Year-round

When to go: May to November

Best for: Cannabis connoisseurs

Best for: Curious Boomers

The spirit that drives wine and food enthusiasts to explore California also drives cannabis connoisseurs. And like programs offering tourists total, if temporary, immersion in those cultures, emerging businesses and entrepreneurs are creating cannabis-centric experiences for the expected onslaught of eager visitors — beyond simply augmenting typical tourism activities with a legal buzz.