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best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing

There are three important benefits of growing marijuana outdoors as opposed to indoors.

Fans of indoor growing argue that this factor is a negative to outdoor growth as the environment is open to uncontrollable variables. These consist of infestations, seasonal changes and more.

The Merits of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

In a number of ways, growers have more control over indoor plants. It’s why this kind of breeding is linked with perfect outcomes.

1. Cannabis in its Natural Environment

The perfect outdoor cannabis strains are also chosen to be resistant to mildew, mold, and other outdoor threats. An excellent outdoor strain needs to be robust, tough and capable of dealing with the worst that nature throws at it. Again, these qualities are not accidental but as a result of many years careful genetic selection and hard work.

Best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing

Average Height: 90-130 cm

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, humulene

Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene

5. Afghani Hindu Kush

Average Height: 100-150 cm

Ideal Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean

4. Girl Scout Cookies

Cannabinoid Content: 15-19% THC

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

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