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best marijuana seed banks

Best marijuana seed banks

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What We Don’t Like

7. True North – Best Marijuana Seed Company with a Flat Fee

Still, you get free cannabis seeds with every order here, which is a plus. And the packaging is stealth enough.

And now you feel it’s about time you took the plunge: ordered your package of cannabis seeds.

9. Gorilla Seeds – Best Cannabis Seed Company with Free Delivery

While the seed bank offers guaranteed delivery, it charges separately for it.

Best marijuana seed banks

You will come across different seeds, including beginner seeds, auto flower seeds, high THC seeds, Sativa seeds, feminized seeds, and more. So, you might want specific types of seeds based on your growing conditions. It is good to know that such would be readily available for you to consider.

5 Best Seed Banks For Cannabis Seeds 2022

2. What cannabis seeds should I buy and grow?
Focus more on your needs for growing cannabis, as they will help you understand more about which type of cannabis seeds to buy. If you are a beginner, always start with beginner seeds. Experienced growers can consider the other options for seeds.


It is also one of the best marijuana seed banks because of the guaranteed germination of their seeds. Not all cannabis seed banks will stand by their seeds. This one assures you that you will get the best seeds that have a high germination rate.