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best marijuana plants to grow indoors

Which strains should you grow?

Blue Dream

Gelato descendant Vanilla Frosting is a unique, newer strain with a creamy vanilla flavor and a gassy finish.

Banana Kush

Autoflower strains are a great option for growing indoors as they can go from seed to harvest in as little as three months. But, beware: the final buds might not be that potent.

Best marijuana plants to grow indoors

You can grow 2-3oz every three months from seeds or clones. You won’t have to worry about strong odors because Grobo reduces the smell coming from the plants.

Like Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel’s flowering cycle is 10 weeks. Its yield is lower than Blue Dream since it only boasts 16oz per square meter. Planting it outdoors makes it susceptible to mildew.

Jack Herer’s characteristics lean toward Sativa. It continues to get taller during the flowering period. Its lateral branches become candelabra-shaped.

After the seedlings turn a month old, the flowering starts. This event can happen sooner. It makes you look forward to having a dense harvest at least three times a year.

12. American Dream

Now, it’s easier to grow because it has a feminized, auto-flowering version. If you’re planning on growing cannabis inside, Northern Lights may be your best option.

Maple Leaf Indica’s deep-green buds are beautiful and dense. Its flavor is contrary to most Afghanistan-based breeds. The sweet citrus tang overlaying the deep earthy tones is memorable.

The strain’s name comes from its sweet taste. Most experts say that it tastes like mild blueberry.

5. Sour Diesel

Silver Haze’s versatility makes them a good choice for limited spaces. It means you can have a great yield even when you have a limited number of plants.

This strain’s life cycle is short since its flowering time is 45-50 days. Its Christmas Tree shape is compact, making them easy to manage in small indoor areas. Despite its stocky appearance, the American Dream has large yields.