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best marijuana grow book beginners

Best marijuana grow book beginners

When I showed some of the buds to visitors, they were unimpressed. The buds were small, and although fragrant and heady, they weren’t very tight. However, I was more than satisfied because this was a winter crop started in February and harvested in April. I didn’t expect big buds, but I did produce a decent harvest using the winter sun.”

From his field notes and pictures, we can clearly understand how the dense planting of small cannabis plants can generate a bountiful harvest when you’re only left with short daylight hours during the winter months.

To have all that experienced growing knowledge in the palm of your hand is an invaluable tool to possess.

Overall, we rate Ask Ed: Marijuana Success with 4 out of 5 stars. The sheer amount of information regarding cannabis cultivation is extensive, which is indispensable for any cannabis grower.

Ingenious Tips From Around The World

With so much growing information freely available online, many growers may wonder if there is even a need for the trusty old paperback cannabis book anymore.

Some cannabis growers will prefer to get their information online through open forums and cannabis blogs.

Although Ed bestows us with seemingly limitless information and knowledge – the book is fairly scattered. Instead of presenting subjects in a linear manner, you’ll find yourself reading about “how to choose a cannabis strain” to suddenly “how to harvest” on the next page.

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

First, early flowering and close planting both discourage plants from branching out. Instead, the plants put their energy into growing a single straight stem. When they flower, all their energy goes into growing bud along it.”

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As easy as looking something up on your computer may be. Nothing beats having the very best cannabis grow book at your side at all times.

Best marijuana grow book beginners

Let’s explore ten of the top books for growing cannabis at home. You may just find that one of these volumes helps you grow with greater confidence and achieve more satisfying results.

1. The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible – Greg Green

This book is one of the first to share the importance of separating male and female cannabis plants in order to get higher quality cannabis. While this seems like a no-brainer nowadays, back in the 1990s this was new information for the Western hemisphere, and many benefited from this book.

9. The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana

It explores a wide range of subjects, including:

Best marijuana grow book beginners

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