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best indoor marijuana grow kit

Best indoor marijuana grow kit

That’s what stands out on this product and why it makes the list. Hydroponic bucket rigs are an amazing new grower tool, and not having to DIY them and just being able to get them alongside everything else is really cool. This set up includes a 400w HPS grow light, which might be a bit warm in an enclosed setup, so keep an eye on that during heavy use.

Ten years ago, this was every new grower’s dream kit. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to source this kind of hydroponic gear, but it’s still really nice to see a properly set-up kit including a bucket system like this.

This is what to go for when the price isn’t the main concern. Everything included, all the way down to the soil, and chosen by people that actually know about growing cannabis.

5. HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit

Finally, the construction of the tent matters a whole lot. We look at tents that have reinforced corners, properly sized intake and exhaust vents, and enough space for at least three to four plants to fit comfortably with plenty of room to stretch.

The things we’re looking out for when compiling kits tend to come down to a few factors. Namely, lights, circulation, and construction.

4. TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

Next, the circulation system and the effectiveness of the fans. Filtration is a big priority as well, and a small fan not built for this kind of work won’t be able to effectively push through the medium. All the ones we chose have been shown to handle at least a grow or two without slowing down.

BloomGrow has a solid online reputation. They offer a wide range of solid products, even if they are entry-level. The grow tent they have put together here is very well thought out. It’s a 4’ tall tent with mylar innards that comes with a 300w LED, which is more than enough for a grow of this size, as well as an inline fan that includes a filter and ductwork.

Best indoor marijuana grow kit

In the Hongruilite grow tent kit, we have an excellent 2-1 grow tent that is great for different stages of growth because of its separate propagation room. The only problem is, it has a distinct lack of accessories and some other fundamental equipment that most other grow tent kits provide.

If you are looking for a complete grow kit that’s also budget-friendly, then the TopoGrow Grow Tent Kit might be the choice for you. This kit has everything you need to get the most out of your grow space.

Gorilla SuperRoom Smart Grow Room

The tent itself is built from 600 denier Oxford cloth and contains a large, heavy-duty zipper to protect any light from escaping. This zipper is double stitched for extra leak prevention, meaning less chance of any metabolic change to your plants.

If you really are searching for an all-in-one complete grow tent kit to get started straight away, then this kit by HighDroGro offers everything you need.

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit

Simply put, convenience is the overall benefit of producing cannabis in a grow tent. These contained spaces simplify our vision and enable growers to maintain their gardens more efficiently.