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best climate to grow marijuana

Best climate to grow marijuana

As the number and size of dispensaries grow, so do consumer expectations of the quality of marijuana products and the availability of diverse and unique brands. As in the wine industry, premier brand names can command a price ten or more times that of an average product.

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If you opt to use the wet trimming method, you will need to spread them out across a large surface area. Aeration is important so you’ll want to avoid setting the flowers on a surface like cardboard or newspaper as the buds will dry unevenly. Wire mesh or netted drying racks are more beneficial. This allows airflow to reach all sides and lessen the chance of moist air pockets. Make sure to allow yourself enough space to spread your crop out evenly with a small amount of space between buds for the best results.

Dry Trimming

Depending on your lighting solution, season a specific crop is grown in (assuming year-around production), the outdoor air vented in (as it will vary in temperature and its own relative humidity), controlling temperature and humidity in your growing space will be one of the tougher challenges you will face on a day-to-day basis.

Best climate to grow marijuana

A garden is only as good as the ground it grows in, which is why all cannabis cultivators must take great care in their soil.

Consider these tendencies when evaluating your soil:

Cannabis Genetics and Their Preferred Climates

You should also note that well water varies in mineral content across different regions, but an RO filter can be used to remove extra minerals and chlorine. If you’re aiming to maintain rich microbial life in your water, consider using local water testing to determine what filtration is necessary.

There are three primary cannabis types that are involved in breeding and strain development, and each offers different benefits as they adapt to a particular climate.

Optimal Cannabis Grow Mediums

The Northwest region offers plenty of fresh, clean water to keep your plants healthy and happy.