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best cheap led grow lights for weed

Best cheap led grow lights for weed

Chances are you have already come across a few discussions on cannabis forums outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the cheap LED lights. Here we are going to make our own selection of pros and cons of this type of lighting.

In Which Cases Should I Use Cheap LEDs for Marijuana?

There are many variables to consider when choosing cheap LED grow lights. The science of grow lighting can be a little tricky at first, but here we will explain how to use the different types of cheap LED lamps properly.

Power and Kelvin Scale

The goal when buying cheap LED lamps should be to buy the highest wattage (W) possible for the growing space. Generally, more wattage means more power, which in turn means more light, and therefore more food for the plants. To do this, you should know and check the lumens (lm) and understand how they work.

Best cheap led grow lights for weed

This Grow Light by MEIZHI is furnished with 60 LEDs of 2W each. We concur that it’s low on each LED. However, they’ve ad-libbed their plan quality to deliver more power for the light. Now, you hardly find 2W chips in any modern-day grow light, but no need to worry; the makers do have a reason behind it.

This 600W LED model is undoubtedly the finest creation of King Plus, and the Amazon public reviews show the same. It is no less than a boon for small scale growers, as, at a very very meager price, you are able to enjoy big luxuries. I highly recommend you, bring one King plus 600W LED grow light home as it is the cheap 600w led grow light which has truly won many hearts, including mine!

They’ve outfitted this grow light panel with 100 LEDs of 10W each, which spreads a remarkably splendid and extreme light everywhere on your growing space. The canopy penetration is excellent!

Doing so will increase the coverage area to 6 X 6 feet for the vegetation period and 5 X 5 feet for the flowering period.

Galaxy Hydro 1000W LED Grow Light Review: The Verdict

Presently, if we talk about range, it’s up to the check where every single fundamental band required for your plants has been secured, including IR and UV. The astonishing thing about Galaxy Hydro is that it has a convincing proportion of Red light, which supports the development of your blooms massively.

Out of so many LED grow lights that we have tested, King Plus 600W LED grow light was the one, which satisfied us to the deepest point. Now, there are so many good things about this model. As a result, you can see a 4.5+ stars rating on Amazon, where 900+ users have reviewed it. This light is more durable and rugged than the expectations of you and me.

As soon as you open this grow light packaging, you will be all ready to plug and play it. There is no assembly whatsoever required.

#3 – Galaxy Hydro 1000W LED grow light review – Amazon’s choice

The cables that are attached inside the light are all safely coated with protective covers. The board to which the LEDs are attached is all waterproof.

Better believe it, the designers of this 300W model have eliminated glass and plastic building board and outfitted this grow light with a propelled reflector that highly encourages it to spread the light equally throughout the grow area equally and adequately.

Best cheap led grow lights for weed

The name “Quantum Board LED grow light” originated from Horticulture Lighting Group, though the term is now sometimes used for any LED in this style. They tend to have relatively low wattage diodes which are spread out over a large area on a board. These are becoming more popular lately, and seem to offer particularly good results for the amount of wattage used.

Introduction: Are LEDs a Good Choice for Growing Cannabis?

How Far to Keep from Plants: 34″ is the recommended starting distance from the plants.

Spider LED

Grow Space: Between 1.5’x3′ to 2’x4′ grow space