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best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

Best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

Northern Lights is a connoisseur’s favourite, but it’s a very easy strain to grow indoors. It’s delicate and demanding. It’s not recommended to be smoked by beginners because it’s quite strong.

This variety is “autoflowering,” so you won’t need to change the lighting cycles of your grow lamps. You also will not have to worry about removing the male plants.

Amnesia Haze takes a little longer to come to fruition than other varieties: it can take between ten and twelve weeks to start flowering. Once it starts to produce, however, this variety has a high yield, producing 70-80 g per plant with up to 650g per meter squared under a 600w light.

It is included on this list because it does especially well in small areas with a lot of ceiling light. Pot horticulturalists love it because its flowering period can last ten weeks or more. During that time, it can grow to incredible heights.

6. White Widow

SCROG is a method of indoor cultivation that trains the pot plants to grow around fine screens. It is used to increase the yield of indoor plants by producing several bud plants per flower. SCROG creates a bigger canopy for an indoor crop so that more of each plant can take full advantage of the artificial light source.

After you make that initial investment for seeds and equipment, you will find this can be also a great way for you to save money. You avoid the costs of a dispensary, but you have more control than if you were to grow your own outdoors.

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Maple Leaf Indica is considered a classic, famous for its special flavour and the amount of resin it produces. This strain comes from Afghanistan: the resin that the plant produces make it a perfect source for hash.

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If you are growing weed indoors and you have some experience under your belt, this strain will take you to the next level.

Cheese is especially suited to growing weed indoors because it responds well to the SCROG method (as does any plant with big buds which does not get too tall).

Best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

If you’re searching for a strain to grow in a short amount of time, Royal Moby might be your go-to. An evolution of the Moby Dick strain, it’s a hybrid between the Haze and White Widow strains. It’s primarily sativa and grows high—sometimes reaching three meters. The initial taste is vanilla, but it contains nodes of citrus beyond the vanilla. Moby Dick averages about 18 percent THC, while Royal Moby can reach a powerful 21 percent.

Since pH fluctuations are more common with DWC systems (because of the lack of soil), you want to choose cannabis strains that can handle that variability. Here are our favorites:

Another strain that’s famous for its relaxing high is Gorilla Glue, or GG4. Its name comes from the feeling of being stuck to the couch that you experience after ingesting it. With its potent high and calming effects, this strain is excellent to grow if you’re searching for something with an earthy, sour flavor.

Deep water culture hydroponic gardens begin with a large tub of water and plant nutrients. Containers full of the grow medium of your choice hold your crops in place atop the nutrient basin, allowing the roots to dangle freely into the water below.

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Royal Moby

Consider the following factors as you explore what makes DWC so good for cannabis gardening:

The most important piece of a DWC system is the oxygen-producing air stone—without it, the roots will drown due to the lack of oxygen in the nutrients. This makes it essential for the garden to have constant access to a reliable power source: otherwise, the plants could die quickly.

Deep water culture systems can be as simple as you’d like—they practically run themselves. That makes them appealing when you’re cultivating several plants, as you won’t need to do too much to maintain all your different systems. All you need to do is change out or top off the water, add nutrients, and check the pH levels. It may seem like a trick to get bigger harvests with less work, but it’s not an illusion!

Amnesia Haze

Part of the reason cannabis grows better in any hydroponic system is that the nutrients and water can affect the roots directly—they don’t contain any soil-based pests or diseases, and all liquid cycles through the system rather than seeping down into the soil. In deep water culture systems, specifically, the roots couldn’t possibly get any closer to the nutrient solution. Inside the water, they’re consistently able to take in nutrients whenever they need to.

Plants have such large blooms in a DWC system because of the constant submersion of the roots. Nothing takes nutrients away from your crops—when the system is indoors, no soil drainage, pests, or weeds exist to soak up nutrients or spread diseases. The only way that pests can enter is through poor ventilation or contact with tools from outside. With properly aerated and totally submerged roots, they don’t need to rely on you or a system of tubes to get food when they want it.

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