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best cannabis led grow lights 2021

Best cannabis led grow lights 2021

This is great because it allows you to make a seamless transition from one growth stage to the other by slowly reducing one type of light and increasing the other one instead of making a sudden change.

LED lamps with heat sinks and fluorescent lights usually have low heat output and can be placed close to the plants, while HID lights tend to get quite hot, but this also varies from model to model.


10. Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light

You also need to consider the shape of the light and how easy it is to adjust. Achieving optimal coverage is not always easy and can become more difficult to do as the plants grow. You’ll definitely have to adjust your grow lights from time to time.

However, it’s not as adjustable as I would like it to be, and there are no veg/bloom switches on it as you would expect there to be. The light it emits is mostly purple-ish, and it works well, but it’s not the most optimal thing.

A Word on Light Spectrum

I don’t have a good history with lights using reflectors since they often tend to overheat but this light surprised me, and it worked rather well for the most part.

There’s a timer function too, allowing you to set the timer to 3, 6 or 12 hours, depending on what you want. This also affects the type of light used – red for 3 hours, blue for 6, and 12 for both.

Best cannabis led grow lights 2021

Two thousand watts of power is a fantastic middle ground for indoor grows. It’s far from being underpowered, but not nearly as big of an initial investment as some of the ultra-bright options out there.

The 9 Best LED Grow Lights

COB style lights also happen to be the most expensive of all LED grow lights, though. Their greater intensity leads to potentially greater yields, though – so you can consider their hefty price an investment in bud yet to come.

COB Style LED Grow Lights

With BESTVA’s proven track record in producing smaller lights and providing amazing customer service, though, it’s really a safe bet to invest in this behemoth of a light rig. Many of the features remain the same as their previous models: Veg, bloom, and full spectrum light modes for every grow phase, bright and efficient dual-chip LEDs, a powerful cooling system, and a stellar 3-year warranty.