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beginners guide to growing cannabis

Beginners guide to growing cannabis

Are you interested in knowing how you can leverage the medicinal benefits of cultivating medical marijuana for health and profits? Do you want to know how an ordinary person like you can grow marijuana at home without any previous experience?


With lots of wrong information about the cultivation of marijuana out there, it can be hard for beginners to separate fact from fiction. This is where this step-by-step book comes in to help. Inside this book, you’ll find a beginner-friendly guide to everything there is to know about growing marijuana, increasing your yield, and choosing the right medium for its cultivation indoors or outdoors.

This is not one of those book filled with stories of marijuana cultivation. It’s a straightforward but friendly, no-nonsense approach based on years of documented practical research.

Beginners guide to growing cannabis

This process will take anywhere from 1-7 days so check periodically to make sure the paper towels are still damp. Just do not touch the split seeds, they need to stay within a sterile environment.

Day: 70-85 Fahrenheit



Macronutrients (Needed in large quantities)

You can cut your plants at the base, and one at a time. You must have a strong hand to cut and prune but be gentle with the growth at the same time. Don’t rip your plant out of the soil or snap it in half. If it falls over on it’s own, that is okay according to Jaraud, “I had a nearly finished flowering plant fall over because it was too top heavy. I was very nervous about what damage might have been done due to the fall but it was all good and smoked beautifully.”



Most popular in the cannabis home growing world and some growers even believe LEDs produce more resinous buds. Keep the lights at least 18 inches above your buds to ensure you don’t burn your plants