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bedford glue seeds

Bedford glue seeds

Bedford Glue is a Midwest twist on one of the pot industry’s rising stars. This strain of marijuana was developed by blending Gorilla Glue #1 with Highwayman, lending an inspiring alertness to Gorilla Glue #1’s robust strength. It features a forest-like odor with flavors of pine, pepper, and herbs. Bedford Glue is typically a heady strain with mild body effects, making it an appropriate hybrid for patients looking for a THC content above 20% without overly debilitating effects.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Bedford Glue strain is best described as Pepper, Earthy, and Woody.

Strain Flavor

Bedford glue seeds

The upgraded glass jar over the plastic pill bottles is a nice touch too, like being able to see the buds I purchase.

Bedford Glue, hybrid. Just picked up yesterday and loving it.

Unless I’m buying Verano or Revolution, popcorn buds are the value play for me. I grind it up and rip it through my bong or Volcano anyway. This Bedford Glue is quality though, I will absolutely buy it again.