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bazookies seeds

Bazookies seeds

None, just organic amendments.

Question. what nutes are you running? I'm currently in central Cal and I have 1 lady left outdoor in wk4 of flower and I've never fed any nutes. I'm expecting a bit more longer flowering which is why I'm looking to feed her till shes done

Amendments are flax meal, corn meal, bone meal, Espoma Tomato Tone, gypsum, local calciferous sand, elm tree leaves, Down To Earth Humates, and an occasional feeding with Cold War Organics Bud Bread.

In the early days of legalization, the terms Indica and Sativa were adopted by budtenders who were trying to describe the effects of cannabis—not how the plants grew or where they were from. Growers knew better, because they saw skinny Sativa leaves on a squat, earthy-smelling plant and fat Indica leaves on a tall that produced buds that smelled like fresh lemon. They knew the lineage of their plants, and that 99% of the strains were hybrids.

Today, the terms Indica and Sativa are almost always used incorrectly. Though we know it would be more accurate to classify strains using words like “awaken,” “ground,” “create,” and “relax,” most cannabis consumers and dispensaries prefer to stick to good ole Indica and Sativa. So after much debate, we’ve decided to adopt these terms as they are used today: “Indica-effect” strains are experienced as physically heavier and more conducive to relaxation and possibly sleep. “Sativa-effect” strains are experienced as more uplifting and energetic. “Hybrid-effect” strains are those which bridge the middle ground between the two, and are usually great for both daytime and nighttime use—for quiet or activity.

Bazookies seeds

Quite simply put, one of the most uplifting and pleasant cultivars one will ever have the pleasure of indulging. Pinky’s Advice is an instant mood enhancer that will give you that all to familiar sativa pep in your step. A sure to be favorite.

MAC is a seed pheno of Miracle Alien Cookies from Capulator. This cultivar is covered in resin and leans heavily towards the Sativa dominant Columbian genetics, with a strong sour citrus flavor.

First place sativa of the 2019 Hightimes Cannabis Cup. A mix of the notorious Forum GSC and amazing Face Off OG, providing the connoisseur with a clear-headed, energizing affect.

A multi-award winning, connoisseur grade sativa with phenomenal, uplifting and energizing affects. Unique with its spicy/sweet flavor, and flower density similar to that of “cookie dough.”

This is a new strain to the High Level Health lineup that brings a very terpene filled experience for Sativa fans. Platinum Sunrise has smooth creamy citrus orange flavor with a fruity exhale. The effect is a long lasting and very balanced yet uplifting high, great for a daytime smoke and to bring out creativity.

An uplifting and unique scent with hints of pepper, roasted walnuts and green onion, Buddha Tahoe OG is a well-balanced smoke. Once cracked, the profile amplifies in the nostrils and is easy on the inhale. The buds are dense with deep greens and purple hues. The effects are surprisingly active in this house exclusive pheno of Tahoe OG that makes it a great pain reliever for the daytime.

A Girl Scout Cookies dominant cross that shares its lineage with Bubblegum. These beautifully structured buds have an interesting array of colors and a very sweet bubblegum terpene profile.

With an earthy/floral terpene mixed with lemony characteristics, this strain offers both a slight lively body energy and a mellow sedation and mental aura most would describe as introspective or meditative.

An in-house cross of Flo X Lemon Meringue. This heavy hitting sativa brings out the earthy and floral aspect of the Flo and the potency of the Lemon Meringue. Flomingo has great bag appeal and perfect bud structure. With plenty of THC in this strain, it’s sure to get the job done and leave you with a wonderful and euphoric high.