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banana hammock seeds

Banana hammock seeds

Sometime the best thing that comes from a run is the exp.

Looks nice ive dropped two of those that germinated but never sprouted .

Damn only 67 days how tf

Banana hammock seeds

This bud has a sweet, sugary honey taste with accents of tropical fruits and a sour lime finish to make waves with your tastebuds. The flavors will keep singing in your mouth so you never want it stop coming out!

Thick elongated pepper-shaped nugs are dense, medium in size and very sticky. Flower buds are forest green with orange hairs and a layer of white crystal trichomes resin. Thick vertical stalks support massive dense purple flowers in banana hammock r1


The high is potent and soothing, great for settling down into the couch or getting onto a bike for a lazy afternoon adventure. Sativa buzz takes you on a slow, calming adventure until the THC kicks in and sets you floating around Rasta Land. Dry eyes and dry mouth are common side effects, so have some eye drops and drink ready.

The smell of banana hammock weed strain is a mixture of fruity citrus mixed with dank earthy cannabis aromas leading into a stinky fruit bouquet. Starting off with the sweet aroma of honey and diesel, it finishes up on giggle-inducing grape dessert that’s great for beginners or users looking to relax in the afternoon.


The lineage is said to be a cross between Grape God and Mandarin Sunset strains created by Ethos Genetics of Colorado.