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banana daddy seeds

Banana daddy seeds

This cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Banana Hammock R1 results in vigorous genetics. Yet it does not grow too tall, on the contrary, it remains quite compact, even though it can grow a bit taller depending on the cultivation conditions and the phenotypes encountered. It is still easy to control in any type of environment.

Banana Daddy R1 is a compact plant with numerous secondary branches. It grows as a small shrub, producing compact and resinous buds with a high cannabinoids concentration in just about 9 weeks. This efficient and fast growing variety offers excellent results in terms of yield and quality, a must try genetics!

Banana Daddy R1 Cannabis Strain, a very resinous bush

It produces tightly compact buds all over the plant. The distance between buds is quite short growing along all the branches to provide a generous harvest after just about 8-9 weeks of flowering after the photoperiod 12/12H change.

This genetic produces strong and solid secondary branches able to support the bud weight with no problem during cultivation. Trellising is not necessary, even outdoors. Banana Daddy R1 develops with a tree-like structure that adapts well to SCROG or other similar cultivation techniques.

Banana Daddy R1, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes

Alchimia is happy to present Banana Daddy R1 by Ethos Genetics, a cannabis strain as pleasant to cultivate as it is to harvest. It is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue.

Banana daddy seeds

The autoflowering version of Banana Hammock is the mother of this variety, an Indica/Sativa hybrid that combines Grape God (God Bud x Grapefruit) with one of Ethos Genetics’ favourite varieties to work with: Mandarin Sunset (Orange Velvet x Herijuana) and results in a vigorous and productive plant offering a pungent cocktail of terpenes with tropical fruit, honey and grape aromas and a very potent effect.

Banana Daddy Auto Rbx2 from Ethos Genetics is an exciting feminised autoflowering cannabis hybrid created by crossing the auto version of Ethos’s own Banana Hammock with the legendary US classic Grand Daddy Purple, resulting in a fast, fragrant, flavourful and highly productive autoflower variety.

Banana Hammock Auto x Grand Daddy Purple

The other half of this hybrid is Grand Daddy Purple and should need little introduction, a staple of the US west coast cannabis scene. A cross between the Cali cut of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, producing a heavy-yielding and hard-hitting Indica hybrid with rock hard, resin-coated buds and a distinctive grape and red berry flavour.

This automatic cannabis hybrid is easy to cultivate and grows vigorously from the very beginning, reaching a medium height. The full life-cycle from germination to harvest is from 70 to 80 days and ends in a heavy harvest of fat, resinous and terpene-rich flowers, with a total cannabinoid content of 27%!

Banana Daddy Auto Rbx2 – Fast Flowering & 27% Total Cannabinoids

The aromas and flavours are predominantly floral and reminiscent of sweet grapes and sandalwood. The effect is physically relaxing but mentally focussed with a euphoric high.