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autoflowering cannabis seeds colorado

Autoflowering cannabis seeds colorado

While some states in the USA permit the limited growing of marijuana seeds, others don’t, and so, guerrilla growing has become very popular in many areas. By employing a set of techniques, the risks associated with growing marijuana seeds can be significantly reduced, with many planting autoflowering seeds as their chosen preference. One of the key points of guerrilla growing is to spend as little time as possible with the plants to reduce the chances of being caught with them. Buying marijuana seeds in Colorado that require as little care and attention as possible is a key factor, and with their easy-to-grow, fast flowering characteristics, it’s easy to see why many people are buying autoflowering seeds in Colorado to plant this coming season. For many seeds and marijuana strains, knowledge and experience is a key factor in producing the very best quality buds.

Buying autoflowering seeds in Colorado is safe, secure and easy when you deal with a reputable company. All our recommended strains are shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, a world leader in the production and supply of high quality marijuana seeds. Payment is easy and totally secure, offering cash, credit card and Bitcoin options, together with guaranteed delivery and germination on all seeds purchased.

Autoflowering seeds have been called ‘throw-and-grow’ seeds for the ease and speed with which they can be cultivated and mature, often providing the fastest harvests possible. Available as a selection of high quality strains, you can buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in Colorado online. Once established, the seedlings generally require approximately seventy days to grow, flower and fully mature ready for harvest. Unlike traditional marijuana seeds, which require twelve hours of regular, uninterrupted darkness per night to begin and continue flowering, autoflowering marijuana seeds contain unique genes from the Ruderalis plant, a wild form of natural hemp, and member of the marijuana family, that self-flowers and matures regardless of the light hours it receives.

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With a collection of highly stable and top quality autoflowering strains, we offer some of the best marijuana seeds for sale online. Superior quality seeds with high class genetics, produce strong, vibrant plants, capable of generating potent, flavorsome buds and fast harvests. Buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in Colorado through us and enjoy free and guaranteed delivery, using the best ‘stealth’ postage and packaging methods, ensuring you receive your seeds quickly and discreetly.

Buying autoflowering seeds in Colorado has become very popular, with growers enjoying multiple crops per year from a single area. Their ability to grow and flower simultaneously through to complete maturity under any lighting conditions allows for Spring planting and Summer harvests. Yields are reduced, compared to season-long grown plants, but the quality of the buds, taste and aroma is similar, and with several crops possible per year, planting autoflowering seeds throughout the season will produce regular harvests in approximately ten weeks time.

Growing Outdoor Autoflowering Seeds In Colorado

Traditional marijuana seeds have two distinct phases, growing and flowering. As autoflowering seeds combine these two stages the plants develop a different set of characteristics. In general the lack of true vegetative development produces a plant with a large single cola and several lower side branches with smaller buds. Super-cropping methods aren’t recommended, however, they are perfect for growing close together, such as the Sea-of-Green growing technique.

Regardless of when they are planted, growing autoflowering seeds in Colorado will require between seven and nine weeks to fully mature, depending on how well developed they were, prior to being planted outdoors. Autoflowering seeds planted from early April through to even the end of August, will have enough time to develop and mature, prior to the onset of Winter. Regular harvests, as early as June can be achieved, through to October, by correct planning and strain selection. By limiting the number of plants you are growing, you also reduce the risks involved with growing marijuana seeds in Colorado, while still maintaining a regular supply. Unlike the traditionally planted feminized varieties, which won’t be ready to harvest until the early Fall.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds colorado

An extremely easy to grow autoflowering AK 47 strain with equal measures of both Sativa and Indica genetics.Known as the ‘One-shot-wonder’.

Northern Lights Auto seeds produce plants between 60 cm – 80 cm tall, discreet and easily hidden outdoors, or perfect for Sea-Of-Green growing.

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There may be several reasons why outdoor marijuana growers prefer to buy autoflowering seeds in Colorado, The speed with which they grow being primary. As the first signs of Spring approach, autoflowering seeds can be germinated indoors and placed under florescent tubes for the first couple of weeks of their lives. Exposing them to twenty-four hour light will assist and speed up the development of the roots, before planted them outdoors at the beginning of Spring. With the ability to flower and mature no matter what photo-period, the 7-9 weeks the plants need to fully ripen, can be at any time during the Spring or into the Summer.

Autoflowering seeds have gained in popularity lately, with growers enjoying multiple harvests within a season by using the same area. Their capacity to grow, develop and mature at the same time, achieving total maturity without the need for regular hours of darkness, generates fast Summer harvests from seeds planted in the Spring. Yields are often smaller, compared to traditional marijuana plants grown over a season, however the high, taste and aroma are all comparative to the more regular grown varieties, and their reduced time from seed to harvests means cultivating autoflowering seeds over the growing season will produce regular harvests every ten weeks. Without a set and defined vegetative period, autoflowering plants generate and create a large central cola and only a few smaller buds. Their reduced height and close, dense growth makes them perfect for growing in close proximity to one another, utilizing the complete growing area’s capacity. Yields are reduced compared to traditional strains, however they do have a similar taste, aroma and quality, and once the plants are harvested it’s hard to tell the buds apart from other traditional forms of marijuana.

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White Widow is a world-famous Marijuana strain, now available in autoflower form. Powerful and potent ‘body-buzz’ from its large, dense buds.

Planted outdoors at the beginning of early Spring and onward, the plants will enjoy the longest hours of daylight as the sun approaches it’s equinox, and these marijuana plants producing their biggest harvests when they are exposed to as many daylight hours as possible. In general, autoflowering seeds planted from early April through to even August, should have enough time to develop and mature, before the start of Winter. Regular harvests, from as early as the middle of the Summer can be achieved, through to October, by correct planning and strain selection. By limiting the number of marijuana plants you may be cultivating, you also reduce some of the risks involved if you are considering growing more marijuana seeds than permitted in Colorado, while producing a regular, high quality supply. This can be a big advantage compared to feminized strains, that will not be ready to cut and harvest until the early weeks of Fall.