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are cfl bulbs good for growing weed

Are cfl bulbs good for growing weed

There are lots of lighting options available to the home grower, but for now, let’s dig into one specifically: compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Widely available and simple to use, CFL bulbs are often employed by home growers of all skill and interest levels. So let’s unpack them for you.

What are CFL bulbs?

CFLs were originally developed to replace incandescent bulbs, which are not all that energy efficient. Compared to incandescent bulbs, CFLs last 10 times longer and generate much less heat (which is actually a good thing for indoor cannabis grows). Thanks to LED lights, they’re no longer the most energy-efficient option, but they do require less wattage to deliver the same amount of lumen output as incandescent bulbs.

What is better, LED or CFL bulbs?

If you think about your lighting game as trying to mimic the natural cycle of sunlight, then it would make sense for plants to need a stronger and more intense light early in their life when they’d be happily growing out in the summer sunshine. That’s the daylight CFLs. Then, during the flowering stage, your plants will benefit from the gentler soft white CFLs since out in nature, summer would be turning to fall when sunlight becomes weaker.

Are cfl bulbs good for growing weed

Sunblaster lamps are great for a small growth but lack some of the power of previous entries to the list, however, they do tend to last for a long time. The 6400K spectrum is just a tad off where we like to land for CFL grows, but it does provide a sufficient amount of light needed for a small cannabis plant to grow to its entirety.

Hydrofarm’s Agrobite is a powerful bulb capable of producing large yields of cannabis through sheer light penetration alone but, unfortunately, is only good for one or two grows.

3. Hydrofarm Agrobrite CFL System – Premium Choice

On the bright side, pun-intended, these are bright lights, which come in a 4-pack, and will provide plants with enough light to survive and grow, but at a slow rate.

2. Philips T2 Spiral CFL Light Bulb – Best Value

CFL lights are everywhere, so it seems a bit obvious to use them as grow lights. They’re cheap, low power, run fairly cool, and are capable of producing light of all kinds of colors.