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apple sherbet seeds

Apple sherbet seeds

The effects of Apple Sherbet have been reported by many users as being incredibly uplifting without having the sleepy come down other strains are known to produce. Users report a rush of cerebral motivation that leaves the mind clear and focused. Social situations may be enhanced as reviewers report feeling waves of happiness that left them chatty and giggly. Others have used Apple Sherbet to help ease thier symptoms of depression, stress, nausea and migraines.

Apple Sherbet is sought after by many cannabis connoisseurs for having a delicious terpene profile and well rounded effects.

Apple Sherbet originates from the infamous Sherbet strain. However, the breeders of this rare sativa dominant hybrid have kept its lineage a secret.

When you open up a package of Apple Sherbet, you’ll sense a sweet and tart apple aroma with notes of cheese lingering underneath. When smoked or vaped, a sugary sweet apple pie flavor with a sour and tart fruit taste on the exhale.

THC percentages of this strain range from the mid to upper 20’s and its dominant terpenes are Limonene, Myrcene and Caryophellene.

Apple sherbet seeds

Other less concerning side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, both of which are annoying at the moment but have no real long term impact on your health. As their names suggest, dry mouth and dry eyes cause your mouth and eyes to feel extremely dehydrated and irritated. While there is no way to avoid such effects, ensuring that you drink plenty of water can help.

Apple Sherbet cannabis packs a punch with an average THC content of 26% – almost 15% higher than the average for a hybrid strain. The strain’s high THC content explains why the effects of Apple Sherbet hit so quickly and why they can often feel overpowering when you do not know what to expect.

Apple Sherbet is also an effective strain for tackling stress. Whether you suffer from chronic stress or simply struggle in particular situations, a small dose of Apple Sherbet helps to calm your mind and approach things with a positive mindset.

When smoking Apple Sherbet in social situations, the sense of focus and determination is slightly reduced; you instead find that you are much more chatty and giggly. Apple Sherbet is a fun strain for large parties, breaking down social barriers and ensuring that you have a good time.

Possible Side Effects of the Apple Sherbet Strain

The Apple Sherbet marijuana strain has an exciting aroma that combines a mix of cooked apples with a very unexpected cheesiness. Holding an Apple Sherbet bud in your hand, you start to notice the bright apple-like aroma, which reminds you of cutting a fresh apple straight down to the core.

True to its 70% sativa genetics, Apple Sherbet offers an uplifting high and a burst of energy that makes you feel motivated and ready to achieve the impossible. Apple Sherbet is ideal for daytime use when you can really benefit from the sudden sense of energy that races through your body, just begging to be productive.

Apple Sherbet’s high THC content means that it has the potential to cause a few slightly annoying effects. Top of the list is Apple Sherbet’s ability to cause anxious thoughts and paranoia. While an anxious voice in the back of your head might not sound that bad, for those who suffer from regular anxiety, the effects can feel overwhelming and distressing. Apple Sherbet is generally not ideal for those who suffer from anxiety, so if you do decide to give it a go, stick to a small dose.

Apple Sherbet Strain Grow Info

Apple Sherbet strain seeds are challenging to find online, especially if you are based outside of the US. For those who are keen to start growing their own Apple Sherbet plants, the easiest method is to find clippings from mature plants for sale online.

The Apple Sherbet strain of weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 30% indica / 70% sativa breakdown. Apple Sherbet originates from the popular Sherbet strain; however, there is very little information about what else was used in the breeding process. The breeders responsible for creating Apple Sherbet have remained tight-lipped about precisely what strains they used in its creation, keeping their winning formula a much sought after secret.

Apple sherbet seeds

Is that 41 days since flipping to 12/12 or since it showed signs of sex? 41 from 12/12 is incredible for that kind of resin.

I'm actually a Tester for Ocean Grown Seeds they offer US and international shipping for some real heat at a reasonable price. Yet to have a shitty pack from them

I'm sure we'll do one on my YT Channel when she's finished, there's also 19 Grapefruit Glue clones in that room in addition to the 5 different Sherbs we kept out of the 12 we started.

Also, thank you for not misspelling it "Sherbert". Can't stand that.

These kids don't know gas, they smoke sherbet, and they pronounce it sherbert and wish it was gelato!

Yea I go through coinbase or have the first time, I go through seedsman as well, but I feel like it's pointless to buy USA seeds from an international supplier. Thanks bro.

Looks like a gem! Are you going to do a smoke report of it sometime soon?

These plants were almost 7 weeks from seed when flipped to flower cycle so they were fully mature (we use 11/13) on May 7th, I'm fairly impressed with the trichome production on this strain but I'm a lil spoiled most of our cuts frost up like this, if they don't then they're not keepers.