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alice seeds

Alice seeds

Antler Interactive, the studio behind the upcoming game My Neighbor Alice, announced a forthcoming companion game for mobile devices launching on July 13th.

The game is expected to use rarity mechanics to increase the collectibility and value of the fruits grown by the player. In addition, these mechanics will add replayability and allow it to adapt to continue interacting with the My Neighbor Alice game in the years to come.

In-game onboarding tutorial

In the game, users can purchase seeds and then tend to them by watering and playing music to them. If they succeed in their task, the plants they grow will bear fruits that will bestow the player with unique benefits in the forthcoming full game release.

You can already start playing the game by following this link:

Buy Alice seeds

Buy Alice seeds at one of the 30 shops listed below, you have multiple options to buy Alice seeds for a good price.

Alice specifications

This Alice strain has a variety of both sativa as indica with an unknown level of THC. Alice is related to the following strains; Congo and Queen Mother . Alice will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the Alice seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, a fast flowering period of 55 days before the plant is ready.

Read the Alice seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Alice seeds.

About Alice seeds

Buy Alice seeds

Alice seeds

My Neighbor Alice plans to add DeFi elements to the game. NFTs will have collateral, making them more liquid and therefore economically useable. Each NFT gives a monthly interest for holding it, but token holders can also tap into the value.

The mobile companion game for My Neighbor Alice works in any browser, and players will need a seed to start playing. Which seed you will receive when purchasing, will be randomly decided. Previously a seed cost 1 ALICE token.

My Neighbor Alice will once again open the Seed Shop for a limited time, giving gamers the opportunity to buy completely new seed NFTs. The reopening of Alice’s shop will happen on Wednesday, October 27th at 10:00 UTC and the shop will close again 14 days later.

The Seed Shop will allow users to use the Alice’s Mysterious Seed mobile companion app. In Alice’s Mysterious Seed players literally need to plant a seed, take good care of the plant, and grow a fruit. This fruit will be very valuable in My Neighbor Alice.

A share of every NFT purchase will go into a collateral pool, and it’s tied to that particular NFT. If a user needs money, but there’s no buyer, they can lock their NFT and get the collateral instead. The NFT becomes locked and users then need to pay back the money in order to regain control over their digital assets.

In an in-game marketplace, players can sell and buy different items and NFTs. Avatars allow for personalization, while character developments help them to unlock exclusive events and even rewards.

The reopening of the Seed Shop doesn’t only come with new seeds, but also some improvements. The shop offers 8 different seeds, including 2 completely new ones. Fertilizing your seed has now been gamified, while it also accelerates your plant’s growth up to 50%. In addition users can transfers seeds and fruits to their friends. To use the Seed Shop users will need some ALICE tokens. ALICE currently has a value of $12.12.

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