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alaska seeds

Alaska seeds

Denali Seed Company offers heirloom, open pollinated, organic and hybrid seed for annual, biennial, and perennial flowers, wildflowers, herbs, oriental favorites and traditional vegetables that include varieties offered exclusively by Denali Seed Company. Some Denali varieties were bred in Alaska for Alaskan growing conditions. All our seed varieties have been performance tested in Alaska to assure success in Alaskan gardens and preform well in arctic gardens, sub-arctic gardens, high altitude gardens, northern gardens and when used for northern greenhouse gardening. We are always testing new varieties to see if they perform satisfactorily in Alaska. We need volunteers to help us by growing these varieties in their garden for evaluation.

DENALI SEED COMPANY, a LOCAL ALASKAN COMPANY, was based in Anchorage from 1977 to 2017. Upon the passing of our founder, we closed our Anchorage warehouse and ship directly from our packing facility in Michigan, where we have packed our seeds since 1980. For over 43 years Denali Seed Company has supplied garden seed to Alaskan gardeners.

We offer SPECIALITY VARIETIES for Alaskan gardens. We sell varieties that were bred in and for Alaska and others developed in simular climates throughout the world. These varieties are available only at Denali Seed Company.

ALL SEED shipped from DENALI SEED COMPANY is NATURAL, NO CHEMICALS are used and seed is UNTREATED. Denali Seed DOES NOT SELL seed for GENETICALLY ENGINEERED varieties commonly referred as GMO’s.

Information on Alaska’s Botanical Gardens, where to enjoy garden related activities or to join one of the numerous garden clubs in Alaska .

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OUR MISSION: To supply gardeners with quality, farm fresh seed at a reasonable price and only offer varieties that have proven their performance in Alaska’s far north climate. All varieties sold by Denali Seed Company have been field tested in Alaska to prove they perform well in short season, cool climate areas and under arctic and sub-arctic growing conditions .

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Alaska seeds

What is the light source? Plants must have light…where is the supplemental light coming from? A window? Grow lights? There are so many options to choose from. For years we used good old fashioned T5’s purchased locally. If you are using a window, you may need to turn your trays several times per day. Determine how much time, effort and energy you have to dedicate and then decipher your light source.

Not all cabbages are alike…some are great for rolls, wraps, wilted veggies bowls and fresh shredding. Others are perfect for sauerkraut and long term storage.

We have some amazing guests to further our knowledge on an array of topics including animal husbandry, Advanced Permaculture design, mushroom cultivation and so much more.

Our first class starts in September 2021- Home to Harvest. Join us as we share our processes on long term cold storage, our in home root cellar, how we preserve our flowers, vegetables and herbs for winter use. Everyone wants to know how we are cooking our harvested carrots in January- join us and learn how.

To soak or not to soak…that is the question (?)

What medium are you going to use? We are a long way away from outdoor transplanting where plants can mine the nutrients, fertility and water needs naturally. You must supply all of these needs for the next roughly three months. Choosing a growing medium that is sterile will require the addition of fertility. Growing mediums that have fertility built in may still require additional nutritional needs. Purchase what you can afford and support local. Make sure that the medium you choose offers a guarantee as many growing substrates can harbor unwanted living materials…also keep your receipt.

Of course Permaculture design (must), soil and soil amendments will lead the charge following Advanced Seed Starting.

We have added Prepare for Planting as a core course as these are the most asked questions/answers/mistakes we have ever encountered. So much success can be gained in growing in the far North with proper bed preparation and balanced soil.

What seeds are we starting this week?

When in doubt…ask the question: What would nature do?

We want to transplant without fruit and flowers as these are critical growing stages and can be very shocking. Starting seeds at the right time (nowish).

Alaska seeds