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afghan big bud seeds

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Afghan Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you’re going through a tough time sleeping, this is the strain for you. Because it has a high THC level, it will put your mind and body in a trance so that you can fall asleep quickly. It also calms your body down so much that it will stop bothering you about wanting to sleep once you smoke Afghan Big Bud.

How Does Afghan Big Bud Strain Grow?

Afghan Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds will yield a pretty high amount of buds compared to other strains. You can expect to get about 650 oz/m2 if you are growing it indoors and about 900 oz/plant if you are growing it outdoors. This is something to consider if looking for a high-yielding strain.

Aptly named, Afghan Big Bud marijuana is an impressively large 50/50 hybrid that boasts thick stems and broad leaves. With dense nugs and a unique flavor derived straight from its parent strains, it offers a fast-acting and long-lasting cannabis experience.

The sturdy structure of Afghan Big Bud marijuana supports a generous harvest of aromatic and potent marijuana, that is equally suited to medicinal and recreational pursuits.


Afghan Big Bud marijuana is well rounded in effect, and is well suited to daytime, as it effortlessly uplifts moods and boosts creativity. Ripe with medicinal potential, patients can employ Afghan Big Bud marijuana to assist with stress, depression, and mild chronic pain conditions. While only featuring around 15% THC, novice consumers should be mindful as the potency of Afghan Big Bud can cause paranoia and couchlock if you happen to overindulge.

Beginners to marijuana gardening will find great success with Afghan Big Bud marijuana seeds, their resilient nature lending themselves to most gardens, whether indoor or out. Favoring its indica genetics in growth, the sturdy, resilient structure supports a generous yield, and Afghan Big Buds dense nugs should be ready for harvest after an average of 7 to 9 weeks flowering.