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aerogarden to grow cannabis

Aerogarden to grow cannabis

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden™ is an exciting hydroponic system. You can grow fresh herbs, lettuce, year-round, in the comfort of your home.

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Since the maximum grow height is only 24 inches (when the LED panel is fully deployed), it’s crucial to choose a strain that will stay small and compact.

2.1 Cannabis seed types

Feminized seeds are also great, they allow growers to apply training techniques that aren’t recommended for auto and they can be cloned.

Aerogarden to grow cannabis

  1. Planting two seeds in the same hole makes a new strain. This one isn’t insanely popular, but it made me laugh so hard I had to include it! I guess the logic is that you have a mommy seed and a daddy seed and they make a new mixed plant? It’s definitely a myth and it might be my new favorite! No, it’s definitely my new favorite!
  2. Defoliation is Bad! These days, it’s pretty much common knowledge amongst growers that defoliation is a great tool for increasing yields, lowering humidity, and halting the “flowering stretch”. However, when Nebula and I were first starting out, we got a lot of flack (and quite a few angry emails) about how defoliation doesn’t work. Many people used the argument that “a cannabis plant’s leaves are like solar panels”, so you shouldn’t remove them.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure! Even Flushing Agents Can Only Do So Much. Don’t Over-Feed Your Plants During the Flowering Stage!

Use Good Soil for the Healthiest Cannabis Plants!

Myth #6 “More Nutrients = Faster Growth”

Unfortunately, although there are some exceptions with certain strains, most male plants don’t produce a large number of trichomes. This makes it extremely difficult to harvest significant amounts of THC.

Flushing during the last week or two is recommended to help improve the taste and smell. Using a flushing agent (sometimes called “Clearing” or “Salt Leaching” solutions) can also help the flushing process, though they can’t perform miracles.

But if you have just one plant, and if it turns out being male, you may want to extract any THC contained inside if you’re not looking to collect its pollen.

Myth #4 “Male plants should be harvested for THC.”

A real cannabis nutrient system allows you to control exactly how much Nitrogen you’re giving your plant, so you give the right amount of nutrients at the right stage of life. More Nitrogen isn’t always better, especially in the flowering stage.

It’s a good idea to avoid most items that are intended for non-cannabis plants. For example, the Topsy Turvy is okay for tomatoes but causes upside-down cannabis plants to grow all the way around the outside to produce buds. Having to do that extra work may reduce overall yields compared to letting the plant grow out the top of a container.